The Best Truck Bed Liners (Review)

Herculiner Clean On Bed Liner

Rust-Oleum CARGO AREA Coating

It can be expensive business owning a truck. Not only will the vehicle set you back a fair few thousand dollars, but the body maintenance can be costly too. When you buy a truck you’ll need to keep it in the best condition and one of the ways of doing this is to buy a truck bed liner.

Not only does a truck bed liner safeguard your truck bed from scratches and other more significant damage nonetheless it can also build a different kind of surface area that holds even more grip. The advantage of that is that your cargo won’t slide around in the truck bed and damage itself or the vehicle.

It can be quite tricky choosing the right type of truck bed liner – is usually a plastic bed liner better or should you be using a spray liner? And with so many on the market, what is normally the best apply in cargo area liner? We’ve put together what we should believe will be the top 10 best vehicle liners and shown their best features aswell as their benefits and drawbacks. By the finish of our list you’ll have a much better idea as to which truck bed liner is the ideal choice for you.

The Best Truck Bed Liner

Not only does this product do its job well but it also looks great too. This brush-on bed liner is easy to use and may be applied to metallic, concrete, real wood, fibreglass, PVC, plastic material and even more. We also just like the reality that this cargo area coating is normally five situations thicker than various other brands so provides really nice insurance.

The cargo area liner is manufactured out of a polyurethane defensive coating which will add a small glow to your item too. The very best component is it won’t flake, chip or peel off. Using this cargo area liner will prevent corrosion by creating a solid bond on your own cargo area, it’s resistant to gas, essential oil, solvents and chemical substances.

Clean & Rollers CONTAINED IN THE Kit

CONNECT WITH Virtually Any Surface area

Tough Layer Resistant To Gas, Essential oil, Solvents & Chemical substances.

Won’t Chip, Flake Or Peel off

  • Brand Herculiner
  • Model HCL1B8
  • Pounds 10.05 pounds

Thicker Than Most Roll-Ons


Creates A Shiny Surface

This truck bed liner spray is simple to use and comes with a spray gun attachment which helps you to get a nice even coat. It’s an easy three step process – tint – add hardener – shake and spray! The really nice feature of the Custom Coat products is that there are a number of different colours available. You can fully custom the color of your truck bed and the next colors can be found: dark, white, dark metallic, green, bright purple, shiny silver, dove grey, hot rod reddish colored, protection blue and tintable.

This specific product is traditional black so works well with any color vehicle. Not merely easy-on-the-eye, the merchandise is very useful as well. The tin includes enough vehicle liner squirt to coat the biggest truck beds and it is resistant to spots and abrasions. The solid urethane coating can be waterproof and defends against corrosion salt & damp and extreme temperatures. Due to the nature of the material, it also helps deaden sound and vibrations, so not more clattering items on your truck bed!

Protects Against Rust & Extreme Temperatures

  • Brand Custom Shop
  • Model KIT-BBL-4-GUN
  • Weight 11.5 lbs

Can Be Used To Cover Most Materials

Provides UV Protection

Can Also Be Rolled Or Brushed On

Spray Gun Needs To Be Used With Surroundings Compressor


If you wish to stay away from the potential clutter associated with a squirt on cargo area liner after that this heavy-duty 3 / 8 inches thick silicone contoured mat could just be the perfect item for you! The product won’t fade in sunlight or split under extreme temperature ranges – actually, it’s nearly indestructible! It’s easy to install as well as the solid logos imbedded into the mat add extra hold to keep the goods secure within the truck bed.

Another good design feature is the underside of the mat. Here you’ll find a knobbly consistency that not only retains the mat from slipping, but also promotes drainage to prevent mould or rust forming from dampness. Due to the intense thickness of the material, this mat guarantees to offer 50% more safety than additional bed mats. You also get a lifetime warranty – a nice added bonus!

Made From Extra Solid 100% Recycled Material

Non-Slip, Anti-Mildew & Anti-Rust Foundation

Easy To Install

  • Brand Rough Country
  • Model RCM640
  • Excess weight 40.6 lbs

Thicker Than Most Mats

Gives 50% More Safety Than Additional Brands

No Mess Involved With Installation

Fits Only A Ford F-150 Pickup With 5ft x 5 inches Bed

The Bedrug cargo area liner is quite not the same as the other items upon this list for the reason that it’s essentially a rug for your vehicle. It appears like a floor covering and feels as though a carpeting but acts hard when it requires to, safeguarding your pickup truck from effect dents, harm and scratches. Created from 100% polypropylene, this materials can stand some fairly harsh circumstances that not even battery acidity or gravel may damage! The consistency is ideal for safeguarding precious cargo and in addition safeguarding your legs – that’s why is this product extremely unique. It in fact offers a 3 / 4 inch cushioned surface that’s also anti-skid and stain and UV resistant. It’s easily cleaned with water.

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You won’t have to worry about mold and mildew either as the fabric is made from foam similar to that found in life-jackets so won’t ever absorb drinking water. Water will elope the fabric through drain openings that will dried out in less than 20 mins.

CREATED FROM Heavy Knee-Friendly Foam

UV & Mold & Mildew Resistant


  • Brand Bedrug
  • Model BRC07SBK
  • Pounds 19.45 lbs

Unique Padded Surface

Fits Like A Glove

Can Take A While To Dry

Doesn’t Fit All Makes & Models

We like the fact the fact that Raptor CARGO AREA Liner Kit is easy to make use of and one package will completely cover a moderate to large cargo area. There are a variety of various ways of applying the cargo area liner to your automobile: you are able to either work with a shutz squirt weapon, roller or clean. Each one of these different strategies will provide you with an extremely different textured surface finish.

The aerosol in bed liner also dries fast once applied and is UV resistant, scrape resistant and stain resistant too. The product forms a coating that will guard your pickup truck from rust, corrosion, salt, moist and extreme temps. It is of course, waterproof too. Due to the flexible nature of the material it also helps to deaden sound and vibration.

Dries Fast Once Applied

Can Be Applied HAVING A Squirt, Roller Or Clean For Different Textured Results

Forms A Defensive Level That Protects Against Corrosion, Corrosion & Wet

  • Brand Raptor
  • Model 0820
  • Fat 10.91 lbs

CREATED FROM Tough Materials

Some Vehicles Will Require More Product

Rollers & Brushes Not Included

This isn’t the cheapest product on our list, however you do get a three gallon kit which will cover up to 100sqft. The Linerxtreeme Aerosol will give your pickup truck a black semi gloss finish when used with the spray gun that is included in the kit. Made from a mix of epoxy and urethane, this truck bed coating is difficult and durable. It’s also UV safeguarded and offers a strong adhesion that will last long.

3 Gallon Container

Free Spray Gun Included

Black Semi Gloss Finish

  • Brand Linerxtreeme
  • Model AA1
  • Weight 24 lbs

Can Cover Up To 100 Square Feet

Can Be Tricky To Use

Rollers & Brushes Not Included

Sticky TO USE

This cargo area liner continues to be specifically made to in shape a Ford F-150 having a 5’6” bed – pre cut for manufacturer LED lamps and box hyperlink system. That is a newly-improved model with an up to date design. The primary cargo area mat has been made from strong and durable polyethylene which has been designed to fit the contour of your truck perfectly. The side panels are said to be made from one of the toughest materials ever made.

The mat itself is one of the thickest on the market, offering your cargo unrivalled protection against knocks and scratches. It’s 100% made in the USA and nonskid so that it won’t slide around on your own trunk bed. Compared to a squirt on trunk bed liner, the product is certainly thicker and simpler to install. You won’t need to get worried about drinking water either using the DualLiner Bed Liner, as the lower has been designed with particular cleats that prevent it from seated level against your cargo area and allow drinking water to drain in the factory drain openings.


CREATED FOR Ford F-150 With 5’6” Bed

Recently Improved Model

  • Brand DualLiner
  • Model FOF1555
  • Fat 69 pounds



The product is certainly a water-based formula which means you won’t get the harsh fumes you might encounter with other chemical truck bed liners. DupliColor Bed Armor cleans up super easily with soap and water but continues to be developed with Kevlar which is certainly resistant to fuel and other motor vehicle chemicals. Once opened up, the pot does not have any shelf-life so could be reused for top level ups as well.

The cargo area coating provides impressive adhesion and flexibility and can withstand significant impact resistance without damage. One kit will cover a 6ft cargo area with just a little left over too.

Covers 6ft Truck Bed

Includes Roller, Roller Tray & Brush

  • Brand Dupli-Color
  • Model BAK2010
  • Excess weight 11.23 lbs

Resistant To Gas & Additional Automotive Chemicals

Rubberized Finish Not really IDEAL FOR All Vehicles

Long Drying out Time

Comprehensive Prep Required

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This brand includes a popularity for having one of the better protective coatings available on the market and there are many features that arranged this cargo area liner in addition to the others. First of all, it’s super flexible – you should use the product on just about any surface and it’ll protect it from corrosion and damage. You can coat materials such as wood, metals and fibreglass but that list isn’t exhaustive!

The second feature that really made this product stand out was that it is a batch mix system which means you can blend only a small amount or just as much as you will need. A tint is roofed with the blend but you can tint this coating any color you wish to match it with the material you are spraying or the color of your vehicle. This product could be used with some of Al’s Liner components which can enable you to obtain the same structure and surface finish of every other vehicle spray layer available on the market. That is a professional-quality item at an extremely reasonable cost.

Batch Mix (Make As Little Or As Much As You Need)

One Of The Best Protective Coatings On The Market

Can Be Used On Almost Any Surface

  • Brand Al’s Liner
  • Model ALS-BL
  • Weight 10 lbs

Fully Tintable (Customize The Color To Suit Your Needs)

Strong Protective Material

Protects Against Rust


Dries Fast Therefore Doesn’t OFFER YOU Much Time TO UTILIZE It

TO IMPROVE Color You’ll HAVE TO Purchase Particular Pigments

The Rust-Oleum CARGO AREA Coating offers a good option for all those seeking to DIY coating their truck bedrooms. The bed liner color is wonderful for recoating or rebuilding worn unfinished or previously completed metal truck bedrooms. The polymer finish produces a textured finish that curves towards the truck bed and not just looks great but also stops damage from scuff marks, extreme climate and corrosion.

That is a product that’s easy to apply – you can use it either having a spray, roller or brush to produce different textures and coatings.

Can Be Used With Roller, Brush Or Aerosol

Prevents Formation Of Rust

  • Brand Rust-Oleum
  • Model 248915
  • Excess weight 2.1 lbs

No Primer Needed

Can Be Used On Variety Of Surfaces

Clean & Roller HAVE TO BE Purchased Individually

Long Drying out (a day)

MAY TAKE 3-4 Coats BASED ON Desired Surface finish

Best CARGO AREA Liner Buying Instruction & FAQ

Facts to consider When Investing in a CARGO AREA Liner

Everyone who possesses a truck understands that the truck bed is the most used part of the vehicle and it’s the area that’s going to obtain the most bangs and scrapes. Moving cargo backwards and forwards is never likely to deal with your cargo area kindly but among the actions you can take to increase its life can be to take care of it to a cargo area liner. Not merely will this avoid the bed from scrapes and dents but also prevent unpleasant UV harm and rust as well.

The first thing you’ll need to consider before purchasing a truck bed liner is to look at how you use your truck. Are you mainly using it for lightweight work and need something to keep it from rusting? A spray-on truck bed liner would definitely be the best option in this case. This will give you a protective layer that may seal out any dampness.

If you are using the truck more regularly or utilize it for weighty cargo you then should choose something a bit more heavy-duty. A silicone, plastic material, drop-in liner or ‘carpeted’ truck bed liner might provide more protection against dragging scratches and dents.

The Best Truck Bed Liners (Review)

Some liners are easier to install than others and this is also something you should bear in mind. A rubber mat can be installed relatively easy and replaced or removed if needed whereas a spray on truck bed liner will be permanent and could require additional devices and equipment such a rollers, brushes, a squirt and atmosphere compressor.

You’ll also have to consider the sort of texture that you require. A rubbery cargo area liner with a lot of friction offers you a good strong base to keep your cargo in place, whereas a more ‘slippery’ surface might help you to slide heavy objects into place.

One more thing to consider may be the condition of the cargo area. If it’s a fresh vehicle or the cargo area is in exceptional condition after that you’ll be good to go with any truck bed liner. However if your truck bed has suffered from corrosion or structural damage then you might consider a more durable heavy mat which could add some extra support. Don’t ever use a spray on truck bed liner on corroded metal – this needs to be treated first.

Cargo area liners may also need caring for as nothing remains in perfect condition forever. Carpeted or rubberized truck bed mats will eventually need removing and washing and spray on truck bed liners may need touch-ups or even to be totally reapplied.

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Great things about Using a CARGO AREA Liner

You can find benefits to a cargo area liner. A truck is an expensive investment so to keep it in tip top condition then it makes sense to look after the bed. Firstly, a cargo area liner can provide safety from abrasions, Ultra violet rays, extreme climate, corrosion and corrosion. Corrosion could be a killer for your truck so it’s worth using a truck bed liner for this purpose alone.

A decent truck bed liner can also keep your cargo safe. It can prevent scratches and dents occuring to your items and also hold them firmly in place to avoid them from slipping along the bed.

Another less popular benefit of utilizing a cargo area liner is certainly that it could prevent vibrations and deaden audio making for a more comfy drive. You are able to finally bid farewell to clattering items banging and slipping throughout the trunk bed!

The Best Truck Bed Liners (Review)

Types of Truck Bed Liners

There are many different types of truck bed liners and each has its own set of benefits and setbacks. For any sleeker more permanent look, you can buy spray-on truck bed liners that can also often be applied by brush or roller to obtain different textured results. You can also buy cargo area liners you could customize to fit your truck with the addition of various tints to complement the shades. These may require specialized tools or skills, so be sure to do your research first and read the reviews!

Those looking for something more heavy-duty and less permanent can pick among the many cargo area liners that may be merely installed as a separate piece. Drop-in liners, plastic truck bed liners and carpeted liners are available that are shaped to the form of your cargo area and type a thick, protecting barrier to safeguard both your automobile and cargo. These could be better to install and so are certainly much less messy.

Greatest CARGO AREA Liner FAQ:

Q: Exactly what is a Truck Bed Liner?

A: A truck bed liner is a type of protection used to coat a truck bed. This can be in the form of a protective coating that’s added with a spray, paint roller or brush or a solid liner usually made from heavyweight silicone or plastic. The goal of a cargo area liner os to safeguard a cargo area from scratches, Ultra violet rays, severe weather and corrosion. Truck bed liners also safeguard your cargo from damage and can offer a firm and secure support to prevent them from moving around the bed. Carpeted liners are also available and along with offering a high level of protection for your vehicle and goods may also protect your legs when launching and unloading.

Q: How do you install a cargo area liner?

A: The ‘moist’ cargo area liners are set up using a color clean, roller or squirt with surroundings compressor. Levels are put into the truck bed to form a protecting and textured covering that can be color matched to work with the color of your truck. Some truck bed liner kits come with brushes and rollers included but some need extra tools and equipment – so don’t forget to check before you buy!

The silicone, plastic material and carpeted cargo area liners are added personally and can end up being trickier to set up as they frequently suit snugly against the curves of your cargo area and can end up being heavier to utilize.

Q: How must i maintain my cargo area liner?

A: If you have sprayed or colored your truck bed with a protecting truck bed covering then you’ll need to keep an eye on it for scrapes or places where the paint may have peeled. Top up any chipped areas and if it starts to look a touch too worn a fresh new level might need to end up being added.

Carpeted, silicone or plastic cargo area liners should be regarded regularly to check on for damp, mildew, corrosion and corrosion. May be the cargo area liner allowing drinking water drainage? If not really, you’re soon to truly have a issue on your hands. Remove the truck liners occasionally to wash and maintain.

The Best Truck Bed Liners (Review)

Our Top Pick

Our favourite truck bed liner from the list was the Herculiner Brush On Bed Liner. The product has an superb status and it’s easy to understand why. It’s simple to use and it can just what it guarantees to accomplish and delivers the best safety for your cargo area liner with a solution that is five times thicker than most other brands. The product is made from polyurethane which not only is strong and durable but also provides a nice consistency to your cargo area too. This materials won’t flake, chip or peel off. It’s also resistant to several different materials such as for example gasoline, natural oils and solvents. The kit comes with brushes and rollers included and can be used on almost every type of surface.

Strong, reliable and easy to use. We definitely recommend the product for people buying permanent cargo area liner choice.

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