The Best Heads Up Display For Cars

Minds up displays is normally more commonly known as an automobile HUD and function by connecting together with your vehicles OBD interface to get real time data. The data can be in the form of your current rate, temperature, electric battery voltage and much more.

The best car HUD is the Autolover A8 Mind Up Display , which uses a 5.5 inch display and multiple symbols and colors to intuitively display real time data.

Although they feature on fighter jets and a standard on many high-end vehicles, they are very simple to install. It is a simple “plug in and perform” device that connects to the OBD slot with very little to go wrong with the installation.

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Best Car HUD

The main reason many car lovers decide to install a car HUD is due to the fact it provides instant info in the “line of vision” . This is great for security as your eyes remain on the road but it is definitely also an excellent gadget to show off to travellers.

Many attractive features of an automobile HUD consist of car luminosity, multiple types of real-time data, large shows plus much more. Taking a inexpensive HUD for your vehicle can lead to a bad knowledge and we recommend the premium illustrations.

In the event that you drive a mature car lacking any OBD port, you may want to rely of the phone for real-time data. Your mobile phone can retrieve GPS quickness, time and all the phone data such as for example incoming telephone calls and text messages. Below is a summary of the greatest heads up shows for your vehicle offering instant real-time data.

AUTOLOVER A8 Mind Up Screen

The Autolover HUD can be one that links to your automobiles OBD slot and shows the real-time data against your vehicles windscreen . It includes a 5.5 inch screen with abundant screen that automatically adjusts the luminescence and brightness depending upon the current lighting. The data that the Autolover A8 will output include:


  • Current Speed
  • Fuel Economy
  • Battery Voltage
  • Speed Alarm
  • Fault Codes
  • .. and much more


This car HUD uses multiple colors and symbols that makes differentiating between different data much easier. Many other alternatives use the same color with much too very much data all in a single screen, making usability significantly worse.

Overall, it's the greatest car HUD that's easy to set up and visible throughout the day unlike lots of the cheaper alternatives.

LeaningTech Car HUD Speedometer

Don't assume all driver will want a huge display that shows information that they are not really bothered about. The main real time data that most drivers want to have clear eyesight of is certainly of course the existing swiftness. This LearningTech car HUD will just that using a green light screen that's easy on the eye and clear to view.

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The velocity is usually retrieved via GPS , which is usually more accurate than your cars speedometer and its compatible with all vehicles with no OBD connection required.

Features of the LearningTech Heads Up Display include MPH and KM/H compatibility with a single button click, fatigue and over velocity alarms and an auto adjust brightness via a sensor for day and night driving.

Overall, it is the best HUD speedometer without all the extra information such as the battery voltage, which 99% of drivers will not be worried about.

Arpenkin X5 Car HUD

The Arpenkin X5 has a 3 inch display that connects to your vehicles OBD port in order to retrieve data. It also makes use of the latest “nano technology” to get rid of unwanted reflections that's seen with nearly all inexpensive car HUDs.

Top features of the Arpenkin X5 consist of:


  • Light sensor for automated adjustments
  • Kilometres/H and MPH support
  • RPM real-time data
  • Electric battery voltage
  • Water Temperatures
  • Car Power ON/OFF


Likened against the more costly car minds up displays obtainable, it is very much cheaper yet shows all of the data that you'll need. Overall, it's the greatest car HUD your money can buy using the 3 inch small display providing crystal clear presence of data.

XYCING Car Mind Up Screen

The XYCING HUD includes a 5.8 inch screen that has all the primary real-time data parameters such as for example current driving quickness, engine RPM, battery voltage, traveling time plus much more. It also includes a built-in light sensor for automated adjustment from the brightness such that it can be used in both day and night driving.

It links straight to your vehicles OBD2 port and when you change your vehicle on or off, it will instantly shut on or off . Its important to check whether it will work with your vehicle as not all will support the OBD connection.

Overall, it is a top rated car HUD with all the features that you would expect however the price may put many off the XYCING HUD.

Kivic HUD 2nd Generation Head Up Display

The Kivic Mind Up Display is the main competitor to what was the best car HUD the Navdy. Its a premium example that features a 10 inches screen that's in a position to screen various program such as for example Waze navigation, Google Maps and Apple Maps.

In addition, it works with car back-up camera efficiency for safe car parking aswell as the essential real-time data such as for example speed plus much more. On top of this, it syncs with your telephone to display incoming calls, texts and additional notifications.

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With all this functionality, you are probably thinking why its not rated as the best car HUD you can buy. This is primarily due to the compatibility issues with the iOS and Android smartphones, which when tested was fairly “hit and miss” as there were days with connection issues. This may just be our experience however but you may find zero issues with the HUD.

We have utilized this HUD for most weeks so when its operating, it will offer the best HUD encounter and its own the best option to the Navdy.

Navdy Car HUD – Caution

Navdy will be the marketplace leaders in high quality heads up screen devices which model is the most well-known. It is because it offers a color GPS navigation that's driven by Google Maps for real-time traffic improvements.

However, as much will know, the company possess eliminated into liquidation and many of the features have stopped working. There has been a lot of discussion via Reddit and of course many angry users of the Navdy as shown in this thread .

There are many people still reviewing this product and mentioning it as the “best car HUD” and it did used to be but not anymore. Our recommendations above are the latest available and all work as they are designed too.

Heads Up Display (HUD) Buying Guide

Heads Up Displays can turn your car into a futuristic military jet fighter however the primary purpose is to supply real-time data you could view straight in front of you. This means your line of vision is always directed to the road, which results in an increase of driving safety.

Many modern vehicles will have an OEM heads up display that will do everything for you but of course, this does arrive at an enormous premium. In the event that you own a mature car or inexpensive car, the probability of your vehicle having this currently installed is rather slim. Here are some elements that you ought to consider before purchasing the initial car HUD you discover.

OBD Connection

Nearly all car HUD gadgets retrieve real-time data via the vehicles diagnostic interface (also called the OBD interface).

From 1996, most vehicles could have this interface located somewhere within their vehicles, which is normally below the dash but also underneath the car seat.

However, not all cars will have an OBD, meaning the HUD will not work with the car. If this is the case, you have the choice of using a HUD that connects to your smartphone for real time data or just a plain basic GPS HUD speedometer.

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Visibility of the HUD

The display quality of the heads up display is one of the most important factors to consider. The whole purpose of the HUD is usually to display data that is easier to go through and if its not really clearly noticeable, it defeats the goal of running a HUD to begin with.

Many consist of sensors that alter the brightness from the HUD to complement enough time of time. For instance, if its time light, there should be more lighting from the HUD for it to become displayed over the windscreen and vice versa.



Satellite television Navigation

The Navdy HUD utilized to dominate the forex market since it was the just HUD that acquired satellite navigation. Nevertheless, you will find many others available these days that connect with third party apps in order to display the navigation route within the HUD.

Although this would not become as obvious the a gps navigator system it is still an excellent feature to have.

A HUD with GPS usually comes at a premium and our only recommendation is the Kivic HUD for GPS navigation.

In order to save more money, you are probably best using a car phone holder that displays your navigation and have a separate HUD for real time data.

Real Time Data Parameters

HUDs that comes to a vehicles OBD will have access to a wide variety of parameters that they will be able to display on the car HUD. This is great but you will find many examples that cram as much data on a small display as possible, which makes it hard to view the data that you truly want to discover.

In the event that you just want to see the speed, prevent taking a HUD that presents battery voltage, drinking water temperature and additional data. Like a speedometer HUD is suited to taking care of of displaying the info you want, it'll execute a better work in doing this.


Installing an automobile HUD is rather straight forward and excellent data you could showcase to your travellers. Some are more difficult than others and its own down to personal preference on your choice of heads up display. If you have no OBD port, opt for a smartphone connection or purely a GPS HUD.

Hopefully our recommendations have supplied you with an improved insight in to the globe of car minds up shows. Whatever your finances, there's a HUD for this, that will offer you all the real-time data you may need.

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