The Best Glue For Plastic Car Parts

For installing car spoilers, bumpers or body packages to your automobile, you'll need solid adhesive to make sure that it really is safely stuck to the automobile . Both cars interior and exterior require certain types of glue for car parts.


The best glue for plastic car parts is Tiger Seal U-Pol Adhesive , which will permanently stick car parts the intended surface. For part that may need to be removed, the 3M 03614 Double Sided Tape is ideal and can be removed safely.

Due to the amount of automotive plastic, fabric or fiberglass parts, there is a range of suitable car glues available for specific tasks . Before gluing anything, you should consider whether you need the glue to be permanent or removable too.

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Best Glue For Automotive Plastic

When it comes to glue for sticking car cut, you will need it to become strong, simple to use rather than messy . Plastic material car parts such as for example clips, control keys and other elements are easily damaged and using an motor vehicle glue for vehicles is the most practical method of repairing it.

There are numerous car adhesives that can be used on both interiors and exteriors but not all are waterproof. On top of this, another factor to look out for is usually how easy it would be to remove the adhesive in case you need to remove the car part.

Sticking car parts with glue needs to be secure without movement when it's completely bonded. Below is certainly a summary of the greatest glues for plastic material car parts that are ideal for a variety of automotive elements and are easy to apply.

Tiger Seal U-Pol Automotive Adhesive

Tiger Seal U-Pol is definitely by far the most popular automotive adhesive in the UK and is gradually becoming more popular in the US. It is the strongest car glue available that may permanently seal plastic trims, bumper, body kits and much more.

Other features of the Tiger Seal U-Pol automotive adhesive include:


  • Permanently seals and bonds
  • Fully waterproof
  • 310 ml cartridge
  • Great for filling gaps
  • Perfect for automotive and domestic gluing
  • Requires caulking gun for easy application


It's important to notice that after the cartridge continues to be opened up, the leave pipe become solid and challenging to very clear . We strongly suggested pushing an extended toenail down the pipe, which will make it reusable at a later time.

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Overall, it's the greatest glue for plastic material car parts that you would like to be completely stuck to the automobile. Once resolved, you will see it very hard to remove, rendering it ideal for motor vehicle use such as for example gluing spoilers, bumpers and even more.

3M 03614 Two times Sided Tape

3M certainly are a world-wide well-known brand for describing and bodywork motor vehicle products. Their dual sided adhesive tape can be an option to the glue type using the added good thing about being easily eliminated without causing harm.

Top features of the 3M Two times Sided Tape consist of:


  • Easy to use with no unique tools
  • Forms a strong bond instantly
  • Can be cut to length to reduce wastage
  • Leaves no residue once removed
  • Available in a range of sizes


3M claim that their tape uses the same technology used upon airplanes and skyscrapers . Therefore attaching plastic trim and body kits should be a walk in the park. To apply the tape , all that is needed is for you to cut it to the specified length, remove the liner to expose the adhesive and finally hold in place firmly.

Overall, if you require a glue that can be removed at a later time , we recommend the 3M Increase Sided Tape. It really is perfect for sticking car cut, spoilers, permit plates therefore a lot more to your vehicle. For bigger car parts such as for example bumpers or whatever needs long lasting bonding, we recommend selecting the Tiger Seal.

3M 38808 Headliner Glue

Another 3M motor vehicle adhesive may be the 38808, which is certainly perfect for interior fabric and headliner fixes . It really is an aerosol squirt, which makes program much easier and allows you to evenly cover any surface.

Features of the 3M 38808 Headliner and Fabric Adhesive include:


  • Bonds fabric, foam and plastic to metal
  • Dries in just 30 to 60 moments
  • Excellent strength from a spray
  • Resistant to moisture, warmth and coldness
  • Easy to control and evenly sprays


Overall, there is absolutely no match with regards to performance, it's the greatest glue for car headliners and various other interior fabrics that want sticking. The 3M 8808 squirt does a fantastic job unlike lots of the cheaper alternatives.

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Amazing GOOP 160012 Car Glue

Goop isn’t a big brand at all but their adhesive glue is normally specifically created for automotive parts . For fixing tears in car seats to convertible tops, this product is definitely strong and flexible, which provides excellent results.

Features of the Amazing GOOP Automotive Adhesive includes:


  • Suitable for vinyl tears, ground mats, convertible tops and more
  • Powerful relationship that is completely waterproof
  • Resistant to high temperature and UV light
  • Clear glue that is great for targeting small areas
  • Dries hard and is sandable


One drawback is that the container is fairly small but this does make it easier to reach small gaps than many of the alternatives. Overall, it is the greatest inexpensive car glue for motor vehicle plastics and different other parts.

J-B Weld 50139 Plastic material Bonder

Many people may necessitate a fast actions glue that bonds an automobile plastic trim towards the metals in just a matter of mins. The J-B Weld 50139 can do this in around 15 minutes with their high strength automotive adhesive.

Other features of the J-B Weld 50139 Car Plastic Glue includes:


  • Sets in 15 minutes and sands in 30 minutes
  • Resealable with a no waste cap
  • High strength urethane adhesive system
  • Strength is graded at 3,770 PSI
  • Ideal for small plastic material car parts


Overall, it's the greatest glue for fast bonding and functions great for little parts such as for example buttons, videos and other plastic material trims. For bigger motor vehicle parts, we strongly suggest using alternatives since it will use far too much of the J-B Weld.

Plastic Car Glue Buying Guideline

From broken clips to buttons, having glue for car plastic trims readily available to you can save the day. Domestic glues are not up to the job of withstanding the punishment and environmental factors that a car will go through on the road. Specialized adhesives provide a more powerful bond that's designed for motor vehicle use.

To assist you make the best buying decision, we've come up with the below buying instruction regarding motor vehicle adhesives.

Program of Car Glue

Glue for plastic material car trims will come in a variety of types that were created for specific careers. For instance, glue for car headliners are usually by means of an aerosol whereas spoilers need a thicker and more powerful adhesive from a pipe.

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Make sure that the car glue you choose is normally up to the job of efficiently sticking plastic trim to your car. The wrong glue can become a headache to apply correctly or remove when you need to take the part off.

After you have applied any of the glue, its important that you allow it to settle before taking your car on the road. We strongly recommend using tape to hold the car component set up (as proven below) to make sure that it sticks properly.


Long lasting or Semi-Permanent

With regards to mending items such as for example car bumpers or trims, you will probably need a long lasting car glue like the Tiger Seal . Nevertheless, if you had been setting up a spoiler that at a later time you might remove, its not really advised to employ a long lasting glue. Trying to eliminate a glue like the Tiger Seal can not only require a significant amount of work but could also damage the automobile.

There are several semi-permanent motor vehicle glues obtainable and well known may be the 3M dual sided tape. Once used, it forms a solid bond that'll be able to endure the outdoor components and several years. However, it is also removed if you want without leaving an excessive amount of glue residue.

Before purchasing any glue you should choose whether it is to be permanently stuck to the car or not .

How To Remove Adhesive Residue

The result of removing car parts such as spoilers, plastic trims and body kits is the tough residue left behind . Avoid picking the residue with your finger nails or over washing the area because this will cause damage to your paintwork.

We highly recommend investing right into a massaging compound which will quickly remove any residue. Many will require usage of a car buffer but this would be the safest approach to getting rid of the residue. If it's failing be taken out, you may need light sanding and polishing once again.

Bottom line

Gluing plastic material car parts back place is in an easier way than you'll expect. Nowadays there are hundreds of automotive adhesives that will be able to withstand testing weather conditions and other outdoor elements. All of our recommendations are the best for specific tasks and are easy to use without being as well messy.

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