The Best Car Audio Batteries (Review)

XS Power D3400 AGM Car Audio Battery

Odyssey Automotive and LTV Battery

Kinetik HC600 Car Audio Battery

When you have a powerful sound system in your vehicle, it can begin to run-down your battery rapidly indeed. That is why it really is worthwhile looking at getting a devoted car audio battery which can power your add-ons without you having to worry about a loss of overall performance to your products or your car. Many people go for a deep cycle electric battery to power their car audio.

But before you make an investment which is as important as this one, you should take the time to make sure that you choose the right car battery. We are here to help with our product guide which talks you through 10 of the best products currently available, as well as their key features.

The Best Car Audio Battery

Famous for the higher level of power that it offers and its own long-lasting nature, the product is premium in quality. Once you have it installed in your vehicle, you can rest assured that it is tightly sealed and spill proof. Also, it is vibration-resistant for the times when you find yourself on bumpier floor.

The inner resistance can be ultra-low, and you also have the choice of mounting it in just about any position you prefer in your automobile. The stylish style can be indicative of its pure quality.

Absorbed Glass Mat

Sealed and spill proof

Ultra-low internal resistance

  • Brand XS Power
  • Model D3400
  • Weight 48 pounds

Designed for accessory-heavy vehicles, it has a high level of cranking power and cycling capacity. The electric battery promises to become maintenance-free and in addition presents up to 3 x longer lifestyle than other equivalent products.

This is actually the kind of electric battery which is respected by specialists and auto-lovers as well. The electric battery is entirely spill proof and you can mount it in a range of different positions. It offers a high level of vibration resistance and a highly quick recharge.

Reserve capacity of 120 minutes

Optimal starting power in all weather

15x more resistant to vibration for durability

300+ discharge/recharge cycles

  • Brand Optima BatterieS
  • Model OPT8014-045
  • Weight 43.5 pounds

Whether you use it as a replacement for your regular vehicle battery or you want it as an additional battery to power your high-performance sound system, this is the kind of battery which will perform all you need and even more.

The covered non-spillable design gives you to support the battery generally in most positions without fretting about it seeping. The cells are firmly packed together to supply higher voltage under insert, while the high temperature and vibration level of resistance are both top quality.

Perfect for 600-watt car audio sound systems

Resists extreme warmth and vibrations

Fits in almost any battery location

Tightly packed cells

  • Brand Kinetik
  • Model HC600
  • Excess weight 11.8 pounds

Offering double the cycle life of conventional lead acid batteries, it also provides twenty occasions more vibration protection to guard its performance. The look is spill evidence to protect the interior elements of the electric battery and your automobile. It is supported by a free of charge replacement warranty as high as three years in the event anything is going wrong during this time period.

Heat-sealed and tamper-resistant

Twice the life span routine of regular electric batteries

Spill evidence design

Improved electrolyte suspension program

  • Brand DieHard
  • Model 38217
  • Fat 60 pounds

This electric battery comes entirely sealed and it is also maintenance-free. You can either use it as a replacement for the regular battery in your vehicle or as an additional source of power for your audio system.

The design is leak-proof, so you can rest assured that it is nonhazardous. You can expect it to last for 300 full discharge cycles.

Sealed absorbed glass mat (AGM) design

Usable as a replacement for vehicle’s regular battery or a supplementary way to obtain power

Leak-proof and nonhazardous design

Best for over 300 release cycles

  • Brand Stinger
  • Model SPV69C
  • Pounds 36.5 pounds

Made to last between three and a decade (which is up to 70 percent longer than a conventional deep cycle battery), this car battery represents a solid investment. It is designed to provide a higher stable voltage for a more sustained period of time.

Thanks to its non-spillable design, you can mount it in a range of different locations around your car. It is vibration resistant to protect against standard mechanical shaking and high-impact shock alike.

Fast recharge time

High starting power

Long program lifestyle between 3 and a decade

Versatile mounting choices

  • Brand Odyssey
  • Model 34-Computer1500T
  • Pounds 49.5 pounds

This 1320-watt electric battery may be the ideal size to power your car’s sound system. It is made to end up being usable as an alternative to your car’s regular electric battery, or as yet another way to obtain power for your sound system and other automobile extras.

Much like lots of the various other batteries we’ve discussed above, the look is leak-proof, meaning it is ideal in a variety of locations. It is also 100% sealed and maintenance-free, so you don’t have to worry about its security.

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Sealed assimilated glass mat (AGM) design

Leak-proof design with removable brass battery posts

Good for over 300 full discharge cycles

  • Brand Stinger
  • Model SPV44
  • Excess weight 36.5 pounds

Providing 1200W of maximum support, this battery uses advanced AGM technology and is a great option for the price. The battery life is relatively high, so you don’t need to get worried about recharging it all too often. With regards to the size, it really is fairly compact, which means you must have no difficulty fitting it in a variety of places around your automobile, even though you don’t possess plenty of space to utilize.

1200W of optimum support

Uses advanced AGM technology

  • Brand Kinetik
  • Model HC1200-BLU
  • Fat 27.9 pounds

This fashionable battery pack provides 1000 amps of power and includes a Digital Blue Voltage Screen. Determine the power of the car’s audio system to ensure that this is going to become sufficient to give the ability that you require. The battery articles are chrome-plated, while the case is in black chromium. Many people are buying it for the appearance just as much as the overall performance which you get from it.

Digital blue voltage display

Chromium plated battery articles

Black chromium case

  • Brand Gravity
  • Model GR-1000BC

Best Car Audio Battery pack Buying Instruction

In the next section, we can look at a number of the primary things that you ought to consider if you are investing in a car electric battery for your audio system. Next, we will get into more detail on the subject of the advantages of an automobile stereo electric battery prior to the additional methods you could utilize to power your vehicle’s audio. And we’ll then think about Redtop and Yellowtop electric batteries to decide what type is most beneficial. Finally, we have our frequently asked question (FAQ) section, which is there to answer some common queries which you may still be having.

The Best Car Audio Batteries (Review)

What to Look for When Buying a Car Audio Electric battery

Before you hurry out to obtain the car electric battery which you believe is fantastic for your automobile, you should prevent to make certain that this can be a case. After all, you don’t want to shell out such a large sum of money, only to find it doesn’t fit the bill. So, here are some things to search for.

First thing’s first; you should check how big is the battery to make sure that it is appropriate for your vehicle. It needs to fit the specific make and model of the vehicle you own. Check out the product description and manufacturer specifications for more information. When you have a particular place at heart where you intend to support the battery, this is the time to start calculating. You don’t want to undergo your time and effort of sending back the battery after choosing the wrong size.

  • Battery Reserve Capacity

The reserve capacity of the battery indicates how long power will be provided while it is not being charged. Ideally, you ought to be buying body of at least a few hours, especially if you intend on using the car’s audio with no engine running. If you’re powering more add-ons, you probably need a battery with a higher reserve capacity.

Many of the batteries which we discussed above describe themselves as ‘maintenance-free’, which obviously makes your life a lot easier. Essentially, this means that you don’t have to add any liquid for it to continue operating. The majority of these electric batteries are sealed, which means you don’t need to worry about starting them up to carry out any focus on them.

  • Deal with or Loop

This might seem like just a little matter, if the electric battery has a plastic material deal with or loop, this helps it be so easier to lift and take with you. Remember, they could be quite large and hard to wield around very easily. It also helps when you are trying to lower the battery into an engine compartment which is tightly packed collectively.

  • Easy to Mount

You may be limited by the number of locations you can mount your car audio battery, particularly if you are driving a smaller vehicle. So, look out for spill-proof and sealed batteries which you can mount in a wide range of different places. This way, you don’t have to worry about battery fluid leaking out if you have positioned the electric battery in a far more unorthodox placement.

  • Vibration Level of resistance

If you’re worries with poor suspension system or you intend on traveling on rougher and bumpier areas, it is specifically essential that you select a car that provides a decent amount of vibration level of resistance. Otherwise, there’s a higher risk how the battery will become damaged in some way when you are driving along.

  • Battery Life and Warranty

When you spend a great deal of cash on something like this one, you will want better notion of how lengthy you may expect it to last. The quantity of time that you utilize it for is actually going to change lives, but it is certainly good to have a rough guideline which tells you how many years of use you can expect to get. All batteries have a limited shelf life, but some are obviously more limited than others. The warranty is usually another issue which is worth bearing in mind. The longer the warranty continues, the longer you don’t have to worry about is certainly going wrong without having to be able to get yourself a replacement. An upgraded guarantee of around 3 years is generally a pretty good amount of time.

  • Consumer Testimonials
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With regards to specific car parts like batteries, the customers who purchase these products are usually fairly knowledgeable, so you can get some good information from reading the customer testimonials. Often, they consist of technical details and their very own experiences with all the battery within their automobile. And unlike various other products, there are often fewer testimonials, which means you don’t need to spend quite a while scrolling through hundreds and a huge selection of them. As generally if you are reading testimonials, ensure that you read the ones which cover the middle ground rather than only listening to the best and worst of the bunch.

Obviously, the price shouldn’t become the only element to take into consideration if you are selecting, but many clients want for an inexpensive car audio electric battery. Nevertheless, you don’t need to go for a low price if it is a complete sacrifice of quality. Otherwise, you are likely to need a replacement sooner, and the money you saved will probably end up going towards this.

Benefits of Utilizing a Car Audio Electric battery

Before you choose obtaining a car audio electric battery, you probably wish to know some more in what benefits this provides to your automobile. Well, here are some of the top plus points for you to bear in mind.

  • Give Sufficient Power to Your Car’s Audio System

Pre-installed car batteries are only designed to power a car’s fundamental functions with very little left over. The rest of the power of the factory-installed battery isn’t plenty of to power a complicated car audio system. When you don’t have enough power, this could lead to electrical issues around the vehicle such as a dimming of the headlights or a reduction in speed of the electrical windows. Often, it’ll imply that the costly audio system that you bought will not sound as effective as it really is supposed to. A second battery gives you plenty of reserve capacity to power the audio, and you can also place it close to the amplifier for improved performance.

  • More Affordable Option

The other main option to power your car’s audio system is to get a capacitor, which is useful in providing sudden bursts of energy when needed. However, it is the significantly more costly option, plus some people issue if getting you are worthwhile because they do a equivalent work to second electric batteries. Another battery may also consider up much less space in your automobile for the same quantity of electricity storage space.

  • Useful for Other Reasons

When you add yet another battery to your car, you can also use it to solve other power issues around your vehicle. Since it is usually a permanent source, it is always there whenever you need it. So, when you have been having various other issues around your vehicle such as for example dimming headlights if you are playing your music, this no more must be a issue. Often, people get yourself a second electric battery for their vehicle when they go out camping a lot and need a power resource to charge all their add-ons. If you don’t have a second electric battery, you are likely to run down your only source of power and end up with a flat electric battery when you try to travel away the next morning.

  • Available in Different Sizes/Conveniently Installable

We’ve already discussed the need for choosing a electric battery which may be the correct size for your vehicle, but there are many different options, which means you are destined to find one which is correct. Also, a lot of the electric batteries above could be installed in a range of different locations, so you can make it match around your additional components. Work out the reserve capacity you need on your second battery based on how long you plan on playing your music in an average session.

  • Power Your Audio While You Are Stationary

If you like to play your car’s audio system when you are parked up and the engine isn’t running, another battery could be a beneficial investment. In this manner, you possess hours of extra juice and never have to be concerned about running down your primary battery. If you are using the electric battery that your vehicle included, it may just have the ability to power your car’s sound with the engine off for around an hour or so.

The Best Car Audio Batteries (Review)

Redtop or Yellowtop for Car Audio?

The choice between a Redtop or Yellowtop battery for your car audio needs is one which comes back to personal preferences and your audio need. Never mix the two unless you can connect them both separately. So, let’s discuss the advantages of disadvantages of both varieties in more detail to help you make your mind up.

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Redtop batteries are made for engine starting and can be utilized in cars or RVs. This AGM electric battery will offer a higher burst of capacity to the ignition which means that start-up is certainly reliable. In the plus aspect, it provides an easy recharging time, and a longer lifespan. It really is vibration resistant and can mount in an array of positions. Additionally it is maintenance-free and spill-proof. You may expect the battery to start at any heat. However, it is better in a vehicle without significant electrical loads.

Yellowtop batteries are made for cars which have been enhanced with a range of electrical features including amps, audio speakers, GPS systems etc. It offers you deep-cycle and cranking power and you can mount it in a range of positions. The look is certainly vibration-resistant and nearly maintenance-free. When you have a car which needs sound and visible power exceeding 250 w, this is a great option. Within the downside, it is comparatively expensive.

Best Car Audio Electric battery FAQ:

Q: How does an automotive audio battery work?

A: An automotive audio battery works in the same way as a traditional car battery, but it is dedicated to powering your vehicle’s audio needs. Factory-installed batteries can power basic audio functions, but a high-end audio system requires extra juice to work effectively. Amplifiers are especially power-reliant and can not just work at their ideal level lacking any extra way to obtain power. If the automobile is growing around its power as well thinly, this will adversely impact some of the other electrical features around the vehicle such as the windows and headlights.

A second battery allows you to double your kept power, and that means you can appreciate your sound system without adversely impacting the additional features around your vehicle. It offers you a lot of reserve amperage, especially if you place the battery very close to the amplifier. Batteries come in a range of different sizes and power capacities, so you can choose the one which comfortably covers all the functions in your automobile.

Generally, installing a second car battery should be a relatively straightforward procedure. The most common location is in the trunk as you are unlikely to be able to put it in the engine without making some pretty critical modifications. Usually, you could place it under the insert holder or in the traveler compartment. Essentially, you intend to maintain it from obtaining too hot, that could end up being a issue for the electric battery. Depending on just how much space you have available in the car, you may have to choose a battery which is actually similar to the initial one which you already have. Often, they are wired into the vehicle, so your second battery can continue charging while you are driving. A high-amperage on/off change then gives you to change to the next battery if you are parked to avoid normally the one from draining. Nevertheless, you need to keep in mind to flick that change to make sure that the right battery pack is being utilized at the proper time!

Q: What’s invert capacity?

A: The reserve capability of a battery pack lets you know how lengthy the battery can last at a given current draw. It really is defined as the amount of a few minutes which a fully-charged 12-volt car battery will continue providing 25 amperes at 10.5 volts while stored at 80 degrees Fahrenheit until the voltage decreases. If the vehicle is solely relying on battery power, this tells you how long you can continue operating the battery until you need to recharge it.

Q: How much will car safety rely on the battery pack?

A: Your car’s simple functioning relies intensely on the battery pack. A typical car electric battery should last for about six years, but this generally depends upon how you address it. When the engine can be off, your vehicle will attract power straight from the electric battery, which will lead it to drain quicker. There are often some apparent symptoms when it’s time to displace your car electric battery. Decreasing would be that the electric battery warning light will be illuminated! Another sign could be that the vehicle electronics suddenly stop working without any explanation. Since batteries are full of chemicals, you should make sure to dispose of the outdated ones in the correct manner.

The Best Car Audio Batteries (Review)

Our Best Get

XS Power D3400 AGM Car Sound Battery

Our number 1 pick for greatest car audio battery pack is that one from XS Power. It really is spill-proof and covered, so you can be confident in wherever you mount it. The valves are also regulated, and it is also vibration resistant for the times when you are driving along bumpy roads.

It has been extensively tested in all sorts of automobiles for a variety of different reasons, which means you can be confident that it is will fulfill your car audio needs.

For all these reasons and more, it ranks at the top of our list of the best battery for a car audio system.

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