The Best Amp Wiring Kit

In order to get your car amplifier up and running, you will need to install it using an amp wiring kit. These kits come various amounts of components, wire lengths and gauge options depending upon the budget you have set for the installation kit.

The best amp wiring kit is the New England Providore Amplifier Set up package , which includes a selection of 1/0, 2, 4 & 8 measure options and it is 20 ft long.

When you have simply eliminated out there and bought the greatest car amplifier you'll find, its well worth while matching the grade of the amp wiring package to these devices itself. It certainly can make an enormous difference having an effective installation package that is created to last.

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Best Amp & Sub Wiring Kits

The gauge of an amp wiring kit wire is a term that you will find stated all over the packaging. Its an important feature of any installation kit and it specifies the thickness of the wire. The lower the gauge, the thicker the wire will be and choosing the correct gauge for your amp is dependent upon the amplifier itself.

In general, the more power an amplifier has, the lower the gauge (more thick) the wire needs to be. 4 AWG is the regular thickness of nearly all amp wiring sets.

Length is certainly another essential aspect, especially if you possess a larger automobile as it will demand longer wiring to be able to reach all of the needed components. Below is certainly a summary of the greatest amp wiring sets that include various gauge options and lengths.

New England Providore 4 Gauge Amplifier Wiring Kit

The New England Providore amp wiring kit is usually a reliable and thorough amp wiring system that has everything you need to properly wire the amp in your car. It's very dense and durable, which is also lengthy enough to work effectively even in large cars.

Additionally it is very affordable and great affordability because it includes absolutely all you need to install your vehicle amp . Listed below are the significant features of the New England Providore amp installation and wiring kit.


  • 2 oversized CCA power and floor cables
  • 1 20 foot red wire and 1 4 foot black wire
  • 18 foot RCA cable with machined metallic connectors
  • 100 amp mini-ANL fuse as well as a heavy duty fuse holder
  • 13 ft of 10 AWG reddish and black speaker wire
  • Solid copper lugs, platinum plated spade terminals, firewall grommets, sheet metallic screws, blue remote wire and zip ties


The New England Providore audio installation and wiring kit provides incredible value , because it comes with totally everything you need to obtain the amp in your car set up. The quality of the wires as well as the 20 percent oversized structure from the typical thickness helps it be far more long lasting.

Overall, it's the greatest amp wiring package you can purchase and it is available using a 0/1, 2, 4 and 8 measure wiring package.

KnuKonceptz KCA 4 Measure Amp Wiring Package

The KnuKnoceptz KCA Amp Set up Kit is normally one of the better options for installing your amp. It works very well on many different types of cars and durable to provide the best possible sound quality.


Here are some of the notable features of the KnuKonceptz KCA Amp Installation Kit.


  • 18 foot blue KCA power wire
  • 3 foot black KCA ground wire
  • 17 foot black Bassik RCA cable made with oxygen free copper
  • 20 foot CCA speaker wire
  • One inline fuse holder and 80A AGU fuse
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This kit also comes with an assortment of little accessories and accessories which you can use to set up your amp, and that means you don’t need to buy anything individually. The solid quality from the KnuKnoceptz KCA Amp Set up Kit provides it great affordability and helps it be a practical choice for most various kinds of car owners.

Rockford 4 AWG Full Amp Installation Package

The Rockford Full Installation Package is reduced choice for all those buying top quality amp wiring package. The wiring is manufactured out of top quality American Wire Measure with each component becoming made to last a lot longer than alternatives.

It is one of the best choices for anyone that is very serious about a great quality amp and perfect sound in their car. Here are the features of the Rockford 4 AWG Complete Installation Kit.


  • Made with completely oxygen free copper and high quality brass
  • 30 foot, 16 AWG speaker wire and 17 foot, 4 AWG power cable
  • Two twisted sign cables
  • Maxi fuse holder functions up to 100 amps
  • Includes one year warranty


This amp wiring package comes with all you need for an extremely powerful set up. Rockford is an extremely top quality brand, and every piece within this package is incredibly durable and excellent audio quality when it's all initiated.

InstallGear 4 Measure Complete Amp Package

The InstallGear Full Amp Kit can be an inexpensive but high quality amp wiring kit that provides good value for money. If you are installing an amp for your car but aren’t quite ready to commit to an expensive kit, the InstallGear is a great choice for you.

It comes nicely packed with all you need to create your amp . Here's what’s contained in the InstallGear Comprehensive Amp Package.


  • 17 feet crimson CCA power wire
  • 3 foot black CCA ground cable
  • 17 foot two channel RCA cable
  • 17 foot CCA speaker wire
  • ANL fuse holder and 100A fuse
  • 4 ring terminals and 4 fork terminals
  • 6 foot divide loom
  • 10 cable ties and 1 silicone grommet
  • 17 feet remote cable


It’s vital that you remember that this package uses copper clad lightweight aluminum instead of air free of charge copper , which is normally does not have as high of quality. However, for the price, you get a great deal, with everything included you need to set up your amp and the requisite parts to get the good sound you need.

BOSS Audio KIT2 8 Gauge Amplifier Wiring Kit

The BOSS Audio KIT2 is another affordable kit that contains everything you need to set up your car amplifier. It comes in 4 gauge, 8 gauge, and 10 gauge variations . Everything can be neatly packaged inside a cardboard holder, and it includes a comprehensive installation guide for all those that are not used to car audio wiring.

The cables provided are a lot longer compared to the alternatives, rendering it a great choice for car owners with huge cars. Here's what will come in the BOSS Audio KIT2 amp installation wiring package.


  • 20 foot red power cable and 3 foot black ground cable
  • 16 foot blue turn-on wire
  • 20 foot high performance blue RCA
  • 30 foot speaker wire
  • 6 foot split loom tubing
  • 20 4-inch wire ties and 3 rubber grommets
  • #10 ring terminal, ? inch ring terminal and ? inch ring terminal


The BOSS Audio KIT2 has everything you need to get started with your car amp installation process. It’s nicely packaged and includes guidelines. The set up is not at all hard , so that it is an excellent choice for newbies.

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Amp Wiring Package Buying Information

If you'd like great audio quality in your vehicle, setting up an amp may be the easiest way to obtain it. Nevertheless, setting up an amp by yourself could be a little bit complicated. Every car and every amp differs, but there are many materials that you ought to always be prepared to use when wiring an amp.

Since you will be spending plenty of time installing the amp and even more time using it, you should always invest in an amp wiring kit that is great quality. The better quality the parts are, the less likely you are to need to do maintenance or replace any parts. Here’s what you should look for when buying an amp wiring kit.

Power Wire and Floor Wire

There are plenty of items which you should make sure that your package includes when coming up with a purchase. The energy and ground cable are usually both items first shown in virtually any amp wiring package and are utilized for connecting the amp towards the car electric battery .

The energy wire must be very long, typically longer than 18 ft, depending on the size of your vehicle. The ground wire can be much shorter, usually 3 or 4 4 feet will do the trick as it doesn’t need to travel all the way to the electric battery.


RCA Cable

The RCA cable is definitely another piece that should be included in your amp wiring kit. This also needs to be very long – at least 15 ft is definitely ideal. It’s beneficial to have a bit more cable than you imagine you need to support for just about any curves or bends which the cable encounters when you are working it along your car’s program to the mandatory accessories. The RCA wires is an essential component that attaches a car subwoofer towards the amplifier via wiring the subwoofer result towards the amplifier insight.

Loudspeaker Wire

Speaker cable is something you can purchase separately if you want to, but it’s helpful to find an amp wiring kit that has speaker wire included. Speaker wires ought to be long aswell, again with regards to the size of your vehicle. Extra loudspeaker wires is constantly helpful to possess on hand when you are setting up your amp. These are a requirement to ensure that all of your car audio speakers are receiving signals from the amplifier.

Fuse Holder and Fuse

The fuse holder and fuse are two pieces that are also sometimes sold separately from the amp wiring kit, but are very helpful to have in the kit.

The fuse connects everything together and ensures that power gets to your amp, and you need a durable fuse holder that will hold up towards the deterioration that it could take when set up in your vehicle.

The temperatures and humidity locally can impact how very long the fuse holder will last. The vibration of your vehicle can also trigger some damage as time passes. If you're having concern with power not really flowing to the parts, an motor vehicle multimeter will become really ideal for diagnosing the issue.


It’s also very helpful to find a wiring kit that includes fasteners. This means that you won’t have to go to a hardware or electronic store searching for the best type of fasteners for your amp – everything is already included.

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Fasteners such as zip ties, crimp connectors, and ring terminals, for example, are often included in an amp wiring kit. Not only is this helpful and convenient, but it also often results in a better deal than purchasing the fasteners independently.


Wire Size

When determiniing what amp wiring kit to purchase, you will need to figure out what size of wire you need. Wire size is usually measured in gauges, and many amp kits come in multiple gauge options, so you can choose the one that makes the most sense for your car’s amp system.

The lower the gauge number is usually, the wider and thicker the wire is usually, counter to what you may be inclined to believe. The cable size you will need is certainly directly linked to the amount of w your amp is certainly using. The bigger the wattage, the wider cable you'll need. 4 AWG may be the most common cable gauge utilized for amps, but you should always check to be sure that you are purchasing the correct wire size.

You should always look for a wiring kit from a good seller to make sure that you're getting the measure you will need for your vehicle. Some amp package sellers may marketplace their products to be bigger than they are actually by wrapping their cables in large amounts of installation.

This may make the wire look bigger when you initially receive it, but you still won’t get the sound quality you are looking for, and it can make the installation process very difficult aswell. Authentic wiring sets should list their measure sizes regarding to American Wiring Measure standardization.

Copper vs. Copper Coated Lightweight aluminum Wire

Many cables claim to be produced with copper, however when purchasing, you will need to determine whether they are made with oxygen free copper or whether they are just made with copper coated aluminum wire.

Oxygen free copper provides slightly better quality, but for the average customer, there isn’t a lot of a difference between your two materials. Air free copper can be quite expensive, which explains why many wiring products now only consist of copper coated light weight aluminum wire.

It really is even more resistant to corrosion than copper coated aluminum, so it may last you much longer. It’s your decision which kind of wire you imagine would work greatest for your amp. When you have a choice regarding which kind of wiring you desire, you ought to be sure to check on the small print before purchasing an amp wiring kit.

Installation Instructions

It’s always helpful if your amp wiring kit comes with installation instructions as well. This will make the process of setting up your amp much easier.

Check to see when coming up with a buy if the maker carries a how-to manual that may give you assistance regarding how exactly to use each one of the parts contained in the package. Without some kind of indication concerning where each piece goes, amp installation can be very confusing.


Purchasing an amp installation kit makes the process of setting up your amp much easier and less stressful than it might otherwise be. Buying all the necessary products on your own can be quite overwhelming and costly, but purchasing them in a package isn't only convenient, nonetheless it is generally a good deal aswell. Choose a quality amp set up kit to make sure that you obtain the best audio out of the amp, with reduced set up period or maintenance required.

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