Symptoms of a Bad or Failing AC Pressure Switch

Of course you like the AC, correct? When you’re moving down the freeway in the middle of summer, how nice is it to flick a switch and be rewarded with a cooling gust of conditioned air.

It’s heaven on four wheels, lets not lie to each other. But what happens when you push the switch and get nothing back? The first thing to do is maybe panic, the second thing to do is certainly start sweating such as a pig in Tx.

The 3rd thing is certainly to obtain it sorted, and that’s what we will enable you to perform in this specific article. In case your AC isn’t working properly there’s a great chance the mistake lies using the AC Pressure Change. When you can place the symptoms of the, you can deal with the issue.

However the initial question is certainly… precisely what the heck can be an AC Pressure Switch?

What the Heck is an AC Pressure Switch?

Actually, you know what, if you want to know what a AC Pressure Change is, you then kind of need to find out the way the AC really works.

Okay… HOW EXACTLY DOES the AC Program Function?

It’s not really a giant glaciers cube using a enthusiast blowing over it, which is exactly what among our old University pals honestly thought.

(He’s a health care provider now, so allow that idea haunt your nightmares).

The AIR-CON system in an automobile is truly a quite complicated system – it really is in fact perhaps one of the most complicated systems on today’s car. Yeah that’s correct, the matter that halts you getting the back trapped to your chair is more technical than the automobile exhaust program.

In any case, it works on the dual program, where one aspect provides refrigerant (or coolant) liquid at low pressure as well as the various other provides it at ruthless. In the low-pressure aspect it really is a gas until it goes by through a compressor. It really is after that liquefied and moves through the AC system into a component called a receiver or sometimes a drier. Here it cools the air blown through the system which emerges into the car as a cool blast of Arctic chill.

The refrigerant then exits the system under high pressure where it can be cycled back through the low pressure side to become a gas again before starting it’s magical cooling journey all over again.

working properly

So We Ask Again: What the Heck is an AC Pressure Switch?

Clear as mud, huh?

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All you need to know is the AC is usually split into two halves, you are a minimal pressure half as well as the various other is certainly ruthless – which both sides include a AC Pressure Change.

Just what exactly does this switch do? Well it is actually a very important safety device that is built into the AC system. Its main job is usually monitor the pressure of the refrigerant on both the low and high-pressure sides of the system.

This is actually very important because if the pressure is usually too low or too high, it can cause serious damage to the AC system.

Pressure: Too Low

If the pressure is usually tool low, then the risk is that the compressor can burn out. It will then be unable to compress the refrigerant from liquid to fluid, which will find your Air conditioner grind to a halt.

Pressure: TOO MUCH

If the pressure is certainly too high, it might burst the compressor leading to a drip of refrigerant liquid. When there is no liquid in the machine, then it’s likely to grind to a halt once again.

So actually, you can try the AC Pressure Change as employed in the same manner being a fuse within an electric circuit. It really is a cheap element that is made to monitor the procedure of the a lot more complicated (and far, far more expensive) system that it is plugged into.

So when they sense a problem they can overload and stop the system working to actually protect the system from damage. They can also simply become damaged themselves since they are pretty fragile.

Luckily if are damaged, are faltering or have actually failed completely there are a few easy to read symptoms to keep any vision out for. Amongst the most obvious ones are:

The AC Won’t Turn On

Once we described above, one of many purposes from the AC pressure change is to safeguard the compressor from harm from pressure in the refrigerant that’s too much or is as well low.

Occasionally the pressure switches will identify which the pressure is wrong. At these times, they are able to override the AC control program and prevent the compressor from activating. At these times, the effect will be that each time you make an effort to turn the machine on in the automobile cabin, you will see no cool air for you.

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The trouble is of course that often the AC Pressure Switches themselves will be damaged or failing or have already failed. In this instance, the AC system won’t receive their pressure readings from the pressure switches. Again, if this happens the AC system won’t allow the compressor to be activated.

No compressor means no AC.

AC Activates And Does… Nothing

Sometimes if the pressure change is simply faltering rather than complete out failed, it could still permit the AC program to activate. Nevertheless remember the key role in controlling the pressure from the refrigerant since it functions through the AC Program how the AC Pressure Switches play.

Which means that if one or, a whole lot worse, both switches are faltering then your AC program will be getting wrong pressure readings from either the high or low part of the machine. That means how the AC Program won’t be operating at its ideal rate.

Pressure Switch

Exactly what does that mean for you personally in the automobile? Well to begin with you should understand your car much better than us. Among the things that you’ll know, particularly if you live in a hot area, is the amount of time your AC system typically takes to cool a hot car. If you are noticing that this time is getting longer and longer then it could be the fault of a failing AC Pressure Switch stopping the system working properly.

You could also see this symptom manifesting as an AC system that just feels really weak. For example if you have started cracking the AC to Max and are still just getting a little trickle of cool air, that is definitely pointing to a failing AC Pressure Switch as the cause.

AC System is Turning Off/On Repeatedly

Another symptom can be somewhat linked to the main one we talked about above. That’s because that one may also make its personal known as an indicator of a faltering AC Pressure Change.

It is because occasionally whenever a Pressure Change is failing, rather than producing the AC function underpowered, it could make it perform some other strange stuff instead. Among the big types of this strange behavior is producing the AC activate and off again and again, often in extremely swift succession.

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Again that is a symptom that needs to be easy to get if you’re used to just how that your AC program operates. It is because many AC systems will immediately take off for intervals, generally when the cabin temperatures reaches everything you possess entered in to the AC configurations.

What you will notice with this symptom though is that this cut off will happen far quicker and far more frequently. It will also often have no connection to the actual heat inside the cabin of the vehicle, so you could see the AC cutting out even as you are roasting in a hot car or truck.

That’s because it’s not actually cutting out because it is doing its job. Instead it is because the AC Pressure Switch is giving incorrect readings to the AC control. That in turn stops it working properly – and leaves you sitting in a puddle of sweat in the drivers seat.

What To Do Next?

If you are noticing any of these symptoms then get your vehicle right into a pro garage area at the earliest opportunity. The AC pressure change plays this important function in the procedure from the AC program, and yet are at once a component that’s quite susceptible to damage.

When it provides failed, or if it currently failing, it’ll as a result present with symptoms that are quite easy to identify. This is also true if, even as we described above, you are accustomed to just how that that AC normally operates.

Additionally it is worth keeping in mind that one of many factors the AC Pressure Change is there to begin with is to safeguard the AIR-CON system, specifically the compressor, from harm.

We’d therefore strongly claim that if you do notice any of these symptoms, you don’t use the AC at all until the problem has been investigated and resolved. This will prevent any damage to the compressor or AC system itself that, trust us, will cost a lot more to repair or replace than a simple AC Pressure Switch!

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