Best Tire Chains for Snow (Review & Buying Guide)

Security Chain Organization SZ143 Cable Wheel Chain

Konig XG-12 Pro Snow Chains

Dolloly Snow Wheel Chain

If you regularly drive or are preparing to visit, a location with large snowfall and icy street conditions you then should consider purchasing a good group of snow stores. This simple device can certainly help to improve your tire grip in the poorest of road conditions, making it much safer to drive during wintertime.

As with any other product, whilst there may be a lot of them on the market these days, not all snow chains are created equal. Some are better suited for different conditions, some are better for different vehicle types and some, quite frankly, are simply better than others.

So to help you travel safely this winter season, we’ve weeded out the B group chains to enable you to get this guidebook to the most effective tire stores for snow available today. We’ll focus on a product guide taking you through 10 stellar options, before moving on to a buying guide and FAQ to help you understand snow chains, pick the best one for your automobile and install and use them properly.

Best Tire Chains for Snow in 2019:

We like to keep you on your toes here at Car Bibles, so without very first product, we’re likely to toss you a tiny curveball. This snow string the thing is is not in fact a chain whatsoever – it rather uses a sort of metal cable style.

That exclusive design and building is not the end to the list of features of this product, however, oh no it is in fact merely the beginning! The first thing to note is that this is a phenomenally versatile chain. What you’ll see as you make your way down our list is certainly that many stores are particular to a particular automobile type.

That will not apply to the product, nevertheless. That cable-style style means they have very, suprisingly low clearance, rendering it suitable for more types of vehicles. It’s also designed to be incredibly easy to fit, with no need to actually move the vehicle during installation. It also has a better level of compatibility with Anti-Lock brake system sensors than many other types of string.

Don’t worry that grip continues to be sacrificed either, as the wire component of the string has been made to provide better at all times traction than regular chains. That is a phenomenally well-designed snow chain, with a very reasonable mid-range price tag too.

Cable Construction for Low Clearance

Very Fast & Simple Installation

Built-in Rubber Tightening Device

Outstanding All Round Traction Performance

  • Brand Security Chain
  • Model SZ143
  • Weight 1 lb

Well-respected German accessories manufacturer Konig is certainly behind the next item to create our list. These stores are specifically made with SUV design vehicles at heart and are quite definitely at the superior end of the marketplace, with a cost tag a little under 300 bucks making them very easily the most expensive around the list.

For the price though you are getting a lot of excellent features. Possibly the stick out is the copyrighted, built-in self-tensioning program. This makes set up very easy, using the car tire chain itself successfully regulating the pressure it needs between links for ideal performance. In practical terms, that means once you have the chain on, your work is done – no on the travel adjustments required as with some cheaper, less premium versions.

Another great feature is normally Nylon bumpers – you ought to be able to find them as little red balls over the picture of the stores. They are made to keep the abrasive metallic surface of the chain out of contact with your alloy wheels, protecting them from damage.

Finally, in use, these chains boast a unique chain pattern plus welded dual traction plates made to provide excellent grasp and functionality in snowy circumstances. These car car tire chains aren’t cheap – however they certainly possess the features to live up to that lofty price tag.

Designed for SUV’s

Quick Fitted Design

Low 12mm Clearance

Anti-Scratch Nylon Bumpers

  • Brand Konig
  • Model 2004705255
  • Excess weight 14 lbs

These TerraGrips from TerraKing are Terrifying – at least in terms of their size. They are not really designed for use on typical passenger vehicles – rather, they are created for automobiles like yard tractors.

Therefore if you’re searching for stores to use on a passenger car on the road then skip on to the next access. If you’re looking for something a little moreā€¦ well, let’s say agricultural, however, this could be something that passions you.

The first feature to note is that item isn’t your typical string design. Whilst it can boast a string to its sides, this is simply to contain the item together and set up. The tough, plastic slats that take a seat on the wheel surface supply the real traction. They provide sufficient traction to make them useful on a range of surfaces such as snow, gravel, mud, and mulch. At the same time, their rubber construction makes them soft enough to be deployed on a variety of road areas without concern with damage.

They are not a item for everybody, but if you want a chain to get a tractor or identical sized vehicle, you should take a closer look at this one.

Improves Traction in a Variety of Conditions

Rubber Slats Protects Road Surfaces

Long Lasing & Durable

Rust Resistant Steel

  • Brand TerraKing
  • Model ST90001
  • Pounds 10.25 lbs

Another different style, that one from Sanku is obviously eye-catching and not simply because they’re bright yellow. That is a fairly interesting design that’s different from a normal snow tire chain in just about every way possible.

What we essentially have here are 8 sets of pads that strap onto the tire, passing through the wheel itself. This makes them very easy to get on, without necessity to move the automobile – basically strap them on and aside you decide to go. That also makes them a common sized product, for the reason that it could be easily applied to a number of tire sizes.

Traction is not provided by a traditional chain either, but instead by anti-slip studs (called “nails”) which extend from each pad and help them to dig into the snow and glaciers.

They are sort of a unusual design in comparison to a lot of the items upon this list. The simple install, little size, low weight and the very (very!) low price though combine to make what could be a good chain to keep in the trunk for emergencies and occasional use.

  • Brand Sanku
  • Model Sanku Tire Stores 2002
  • Pounds 5.45 lbs
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Our second admittance here from Protection Chain which entry is fairly a bit not the same as the snow string we viewed already out of this manufacturer. The first thing to take note of here is the fact that this model is a far more traditional design. That means that this chain is not a universal fit, but instead is usually specifically created for SUV and light vehicle sized automobiles.

Whilst the look is certainly traditional though, we still involve some excellent stick out features upon this product. For instance, this chain is very easy to install and remove, and furthermore, it does not require the vehicle to move during installation, a very welcome feature.

In addition to that, the product boasts built-in self-tightening ratchets. That is both area of the easy set up we mentioned previously, as well to be a great style feature when on the road, ensuring that the correct pressure is kept all the time.

The mix chain is obtained with a diamond pattern for extra traction whilst in motion – this particular design also provides a smoother ride. Overall, then, that is a fairly well-designed tire string with a whole lot of useful features. Add the fact it boasts a price of around 100 dollars and it should be very appealing to all SUV and pickup truck owners.

Designed For Light Trucks & SUV’s

Automatic Self-Tightening Ratchets

No Vehicle Movement Required for Installation

Diamond Pattern Chain

  • Brand Security Chain
  • Model 0231905
  • Fat 13.85 lbs

Up to now upon this list after that we’ve used some various styles of snow car tire stores. We’ve acquired some designs just like the 1st model from Security Chain that required the established design of a snow chain and added a bit of a tweak to the traditional design. After that we’ve had items like the yellowish pad style style from Sanku, which completely twists the notion of what snow chains for cars actually look like.

This access, our second from Konig, is different, however. This is your classic, standard snow chain here. At the same time, the fact it really is manufactured by a reputable firm like Konig implies that whilst that is a simple style, it has extremely good construction.

A couple of no features right here that are especially outstanding. Instead, everything you are getting is normally a straightforward and effective item designed to perform exactly what you need time and time again. A price tag well below 200 bucks is pretty impressive too, meaning you are getting serious affordability for an extremely well-crafted car tire string.


  • Brand Konig
  • Model 2004825247
  • Pounds 18.55 lbs

First up, we must recognize the corporation name – Dolloly, what had been they thinking? Urgh, luckily for them though they are much better at developing snow stores for cars they are in discovering company titles.

As you should have observed in the image of this product, what we have here is another version of the strap-on pad style designs we saw above from Samku – though we’ve no idea simply why these kinds of snow chains have to be yellow all the time.

Very similar to the Samku model, this product is easy to install, whilst also getting small, small and easy to shop (all 10 within this pack consider simply over 4 Pounds total). Once again, this makes them a good option to shop in the trunk or the garage area and just draw them out in emergencies.

A couple of 5 per car tire with the product, so you will probably find them creating that little bit more traction than we saw around the Samku product. The anti-skid nails in these products are embedded in hardwearing rubber pads for a combination of good road grip with a decent durability.

The price is low again too, with plenty of change from a 50-buck bill, producing them a fantastic standby established for occasional make use of.

Exceptional for Emergencies

Universal Program (Ideal for Car & SUV)

Easy to set up & Highly Lightweight

  • Brand Dolloly
  • Model KSZQ002Y
  • Fat 4.16 lbs

You might well acknowledge this item from in the past at the top of our list, as this is essentially the big brother of the SZ143 model by Security Chain. That particular set of wheel chains was designed for standard passenger vehicles and SUV automobiles. This is often the same item, except scaled up for light vehicles and larger steering wheel SUV’s.

In order that means you will get all the stand out features that made the smaller version one of the best tire chains we’ve seen up to now. In the event you skipped that, this set of features begins with a very easy installation, with built-in rubber tensioners that are self-tightening. That means that you once you’ve got the chains installed they will maintain their very own stress as you get.

The steel cable style we noticed before in addition has been used right here, replacing the typical chain design seen on traditional products. That cable has a very low clearance (perfect for SUV’s), whilst also being designed to generate remarkable grip and grip. It also has well with Anti-Lock Brake Program sensors.

As a big version, it normally has a somewhat higher price, but it is still excellent value for a very well designed product.

Created for Light Vehicles & SUV’s

VERY FAST Installation

Built In Self-Tightening Plastic Tensioners

Excellent All Round Traction

Good Compatibility with Anti-Lock Brake Systems

  • Brand Security Chain
  • Model ZT735
  • Excess weight 13.4 lbs

This is another simple but efficient design from Konig. It’s no coincidence by the way that this is the third appearance of Konig products upon this list – they merely make among the better tire chains available on the market at this time.

That is another basic but effective style in the same mildew as the model we had taken a glance at above. Once again, no great features are present upon this design, it is virtually the most basic, traditional style of snow chain. However once again it is that simplicity that is one of the important selling factors – the additional obviously may be the high-quality build from Konig.

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So again, nothing of earth-shattering innovation to report with this product. But also, once again, we have a very good value, very well made product that will simply do what it’s designed to do.

It’s well worth pointing out as well that with 12mm of clearance the product rests lower and nearer to the wheel than the earlier Konig model, possibly making it a better option for vehicles with low clearance like SUV’s.

Simple, Efficient Design

Good Quality Construction

  • Brand Konig
  • Model CB-12
  • Weight 5.51 lbs

Our final product is called the Cobra Cable, which may sound like the name of a male porn star but is actually a pretty innovative string style. What we’re taking a look at here is a chain that includes the cable-style style that we noticed on both Security Chain items we viewed earlier. That will help to offer good traction force in the snow, whilst keeping the entire clearance wonderful and low.

You’ll also find that model lacks a securing chain, instead of being held in place by a pretty thin wire. On the main one hands, that might not provide the power of a number of the even more rugged models upon this list. It’ll, however, guard your alloys from becoming scratched up by big chains, so it’s a bit off a trade-off really.

It’s well worth noting too that the price is normally phenomenally low upon this item – you’ll end up being getting a fistful of change from a 50 buck bill, so this is one of the best tire chains within the list from a genuine value for money perspective.

In summary, it’s a pretty basic product, probably lacking the strength for heavier vehicles or tougher winter conditions. But for occasional use on lighter passenger cars, it has a number of good design features and a very attractive price tag.

Plastic Adjusters (Distributed Individually)

Carbon Metal Rollers

  • Brand Quality String
  • Model 1046
  • Pounds 9.1 lbs

Best Wheel Stores for Snow Buying Guide & FAQ

That completes our rundown of the best tire chains on the market today. Since there is quite a bit of variety in terms of styles and features though, we’ve come up with this buying guideline to take a look at a number of the crucial ones.

From then on, we have an awesome as glaciers (get it?) FAQ section to solution any questions you may have about car car tire chains.

Best Tire Chains for Snow (Review & Buying Guide)

Car tire Stores for Snow – Features to Consider

  • Self-Tightening Ratchets – These small devices will offer you help in two ways. One, they make installation that bit less difficult, by tightening the stores via the movement of the steering wheel. This may also help with keeping the pressure on the ideal level whilst the automobile is in motion. This is important, as a chain that is too slack won’t supply the traction you will need, and can be more likely to become damaged. Premium versions should feature self-tightening ratchets and when you may be lured to save cash having a cheaper model that lacks them if you are crouching in the snow trying to tighten the locks on a cheaper snow chain with frozen hands you may regret that decision!
  • Tread – What we’re discussing this is actually the contact point between chain and snow/ice/road surface. We’ve had a number of methods around the list ranging from nails to cables to traditional chains. The latter, a traditional chain, is certainly a proven tread, with plenty of surface area to make traction – consider versions with patterns cut into the chains, they can help give a little extra traction. Steel cables are much newer but seem to do a good job of fabricating lots of traction force for safe generating conditions.
  • Clearance – This fundamentally pertains to how solid the chain is definitely, with the thicker chains having the higher clearance. We’ll talk about this even more below, but fundamentally, the clearance may be the gap between your vehicle car tire and the automobile bodywork. The string needs a clearance where it won’t impede the movement of the tire.

Snow Chains & The Law

As with a lot of things, Laws differ from state to state. Click Here for a handy rundown of regulations in each condition, and contact your neighborhood Police Section or City Hall if you’re in virtually any doubt.

Appropriate Time for you to Use Tire Stores

The optimum time to make use of snow stores is certainly after or during a snowstorm – but there must be snow on the ground already, at least an inch thick. Anything less and the chains will cut up the road surface and also wear out fast. Chains are especially good on small, packed snow and ice.

They are also useful in muddy driving conditions.

Snow Chains and Speed

A snow chain adds grip when driving on snow, but it does not add enough you could drive as though conditions were normal. It is strongly recommended that you don’t go beyond 30mph when working with chains, and you ought to also stay away from severe braking or acceleration, both which can damage the chain.

Snow Chain Maintenance

Snow stores are pretty hardy, since they are, well, chains. Saying that some simple maintenance will help to keep them going for many winters to come.

If you are performed driving, generally remove your stores and present them an excellent wash down to remove dirt and debris – a pressure washer would be perfect for the job. Suspend them up so when they’ve dried out provide them with a squirt of something similar to WD40 to include just a little extra protection. Work completed!

Snow Stores FAQ

Q: How exactly to install tire stores for snow?

A: We at Car Bibles certainly are a useful sort, and as such we recognize when we are out of our depth and should hand over to an expert. Frankly, it doesn’t snow much where we’re based, so we’re no experts on installing snow chains. We are able to take action sure, but you can find people with higher experience out there.

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Who understands more about snow than Canadians, eh? To learn the most efficient way to install your tire chains then, check out this video guide here. It’s through the Ministry of Transportation in English Columbia, and there is absolutely no one better positioned to instruct you how exactly to install car tire chains. If you’re planning on traveling in snow, you must make sure you have a set of winter wheels.

Q: What do I really do if the maker of my car says never to use snow stores?

A: They most likely have reasonable for doing so, and that reason is probably related to the clearance around your wheel, though there are also a few other mechanical issues that will make it an awful idea to set up snow car tire chains. If the maker state governments that snow stores aren’t to be used, the best idea is definitely to contact them and find out why, and then take it following that.

Q: MAY I make use of snow socks rather than snow stores?

A: You are able to, although jury has gone out about if they’re as effectual as stores, specifically on hard-packed snow. They may be however an option for vehicles with low wheel clearance. Following on from your question above then, if you have been recommended by a manufacturer not to use stores, after that snow socks is actually a viable choice.

Q: How do you know what size my wheels are?

A: Proceed and take a look at your wheel, and on the side car tire wall, right above the rim, you’ll be able to find out three quantities. The first is a triple-digit, the next and third will end up being double digit.

The first quantity is the Wheel Width, the second number is the Wheel Height Percentage (which gives the sidewall height as a percentage of total width, don’t ask why) and the third number may be the diameter.

Each one of these measurements are in in . incidentally and are all you need to know with regards to car tire size. For assist with tire measurements, you may wish to check out our tire size calculator.

Q: What thicknesses of the chain can my car accommodate?

A: This all comes back to the tire clearance we mentioned above. As the entirety from the string sits externally from the steering wheel, you must have enough clearance between your vehicle body and the wheel. The best way to check this is definitely put your hands on the wheel at top of the wheel. Run your hand over and behind the wheel, then reach back and perform a sweeping motion.

In case your hands goes completely around without striking something you then have a lot of clearance. Regular traveler automobiles like saloon vehicles usually have lots of clearance between wheel and car body. SUV, pickup truck and Minivan design vehicles could have just a little much less clearance, however, therefore pay particular interest when you have one particular styles of the automobile.

Sports vehicles or automobiles on lowered suspension will have minimal clearance, and you’ll most likely only have the ability to fit a snow sock type of device – but then you probably shouldn’t be driving a Ferrari up the Rockies.

Q: How should I drive with chains on?

A: Meticulously! The best car tire chains will provide you with a real increase to the entire traction of the automobile, however they don’t enable you to basically drive as if there was no snow – they are an aid to driving, not a cheat on a PlayStation game.

It’s recommended that you don’t exceed 30mph whilst using car tire chains, and you ought to also avoid severe braking or accelerating. Aswell as risking control of the vehicle, they can also damage and even break the chains.

Q: How many snow chains do I want?

A: This will generally drop to personal choice. Many people just put stores onto the traction wheels – i.e. the wheels connected to the engine that actually move the automobile. So on a 4×4 travel SUV or related, you’ll need it on all 4 wheels, whilst a normal car you can get aside with just both powered tires.

Some individuals will put stores onto all of the wheels, however; actually on non-4×4 travel vehicles. It could enhance the overall traction and give better handling occasionally, but it’s not really strictly required.

Unless in any other case stated, all of the snow stores on our list are sold as pairs.

Q: If my car has an anti-lock brake program, should i still need stores?

A: Yes, one does. Anti-Lock brake systems are designed to stop skids during fast deceleration – that’s a elegant way of stating when you slam in the brakes, the automobile will minimize quickly and safely without skidding too much.

They do nothing to actually help with grip or steering control, nevertheless. In fact, with an icy or snowy street anti-lock will end up being pretty useless without snow chains, as the vehicle simply won’t have the grip to stop correctly.

Just be aware that, as this post in the LA Times points out, snow chains can affect the sensors that Anti-Lock brake systems rely on, producing them much less effective. Even more cause then, even as we described above, to operate a vehicle sensibly and keep your rate down.

Best Tire Chains for Snow (Review & Buying Guide)

Our Top Pick

There are a few truly excellent products upon this list, but also for our cash, Top Pick has to go to the SZ143 by Security Chain Firm. It just packages a lot of features for such an acceptable price tag that it’s hard not to frankly. It’s small, light and easy to install, making it perfect to throw into the trunk or shop in the garage area until required.

Once on the automobile, it’s superb degree of traction coupled with a very smart built-in plastic self-tightening ring helps to provide you with the control you will need to drive properly on the most severe road circumstances.

We also prefer to provide a lift to smart and unique styles as well, and whilst this product is not re-inventing the wheel, the unusual cable-style design is certainly re-inventing what you put around it.

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