Best Carnauba Wax For Car Care (Review & Buying Guide)

Chemical Guys Wac_201_16 Butter Damp Wax

P21s 12700w Carnauba Wax

303 Apply Polish And Quick Detailer

Waxing your vehicle frequently is among the most important areas of being a accountable car owner. Not merely are you attempting to revive the showroom glow of your trip, you’re also offering it ample security from virtually everything the road has to offer. In the world of car waxes nothing beats the carnauba especially if you’re after that elegant showroom-shine in your car. There are numerous products in the market that claim they’re made of 100% real carnauba wax.

Unfortunately this is not entirely accurate because of the unique characteristics of real carnauba wax. Hence, we’ve searched the market, asked professional car detailers, and wanted suggestions from our resident car experts to create to you all of the what we should consider to become the very best carnauba wax items today.

The Best Carnauba Wax:

Chemical Guys is one of those brands that are progressively used by both professional car detailers and lovers alike. Their Butter Damp Wax is a special formulation of natural carnauba polish, infused with artificial polymer resins to provide it better functionality with regards to offering a deep, glass-like, showroom glow in your vehicle aswell as affording it the type of protection your vehicle needs since it breezes through dirt, debris, and smoke laden highways.

It is also especially-formulated to withstand repeated, chronic exposure to both UV-A and UV-B radiation, protecting the non-textured surfaces of your car much longer than additional brands. It’s very easy to use and won’t keep residues on your own car, as well.

Mixture of natural carnauba polish and artificial polymer resins

Better protection against both UV-A and UV-B rays

Easy to apply, easy to use

Works on all non-textured surfaces

  • Brand Chemical Guys
  • Model WAC_201_16
  • Weight 1.15 lbs

If you’re wary about using synthetic polymers on your car you’ll be glad to know how the Smartpart P21S 12700W Carnauba Polish is truly a special mixture of carnauba and beeswax, two of the very most versatile waxes on earth. The unique formulation won’t keep any powdery good residues on your own car. There’s also no dependence on worrying about probably staining your immaculate white color.

While organic carnauba wax will come in a pale yellowish color, this won’t stain your whites. You can find no chemicals, dyes, artificial scents, or other things that can be considered synthetic. The P21S is usually formulated for the car owner who doesn’t really mind applying wax on his ride more frequently than synthetic products especially if he or she is after that really-deep shine that no synthetics can ever replicate.

Blend of natural carnauba wax and beeswax

Easy to apply, easy to remove formulation

No additives, artificial scents, and dyes

Non-powdering, non-staining formula

  • Brand P21S
  • Model 12700W
  • Excess weight 6.2 oz

A good number of car owners are singing praises for the Mothers California Gold Ultimate Wax System Pure Brazilian Carnauba Liquid Wax. Perhaps part of the product’s appeal is its use of real carnauba wax. Regrettably, true car fanatics and detailers know that there is really no such issue as 100% natural carnauba polish as the unadulterated type is essentially made up of hard yellowish-brown flakes. They are enhanced and bleached to create the type of products observed in the marketplace today.

Nevertheless, looking at the positive experiences of car owners when using the California Platinum, one cannot deny the fact that it really works in providing an exceptionally deep shine and luster in your car. It is actually a part of Mothers’ 3-step system that includes a cleaner, smoother, and polisher. The Carnauba Water Wax is Step three 3 in the machine so you may need to get the various other 2 items for maximum results.

Superior Brazilian carnauba polish

Element of a 3-stage system for cleaning, smoothening, and polishing

Easy to apply on clear coats and all types of paints

  • Brand Mothers
  • Model 05750
  • Excess weight 1.1 lbs

Car detailers rely on the technical know-how of Meguiar’s when it comes to bringing out the finest qualities of the cars they’re working on. Meguiar’s Gold Class Carnauba Plus Premium Paste Wax is one of those items that are respected by the professionals to supply a deep and long-lasting sparkle on all sorts of automobiles.

The Yellow metal Class includes a mix of carnauba wax and synthetic polymers to give car owners the best of both worlds: showroom shine and ultimate surface protection. The Gold Class comes in an easy-to-apply formula unlike conventional waxes that takes particular skill. It comes filled with a gentle foam applicator so that’s one much less worry.

Special mixture of carnauba and artificial polymer defensive

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Could be applied to all color types

Includes gentle foam applicator

Easy to use, buff, and polish

  • Brand Meguiar’s
  • Model G7014J
  • Pounds 12.8 oz

The 303 Squirt Polish and Quick Detailer with UV Protectant may possibly not be as well-known as Meguiar’s Turtle Polish, or Chemical Men, nonetheless it sure is certainly displaying its mettle going head-to-head with industry stalwarts. The 303 comes in an easy to use spray that allows it to be used both on wet and dry surfaces. As long as it is applied on nonporous materials, it should do an exemplary job of protecting the surface and keeping it gleaming smooth for so long as feasible. The formulation includes carnauba polish, although there is really no telling just how much of the superior wax is certainly within each container.

A very important factor is for certain, its 90-time surface deep glow and protection is certainly sufficient that it could be conveniently shown among the industry’s greatest. Its 30-time IV protection may still need some improving, though, or we’re just looking at an honest company that would rather give you the facts than flood you with vacant promises.

Premium carnauba wax formulation

90-day surface protection and shine

30-day anti-fade, UV protection

Can be used on dry or wet non-porous surfaces

  • Brand 303 Products
  • Model 30217
  • Excess weight 1.1 lbs

Turtle Wax can continually be relied to deliver great quality items. Following within this custom of quality may be the T-5A Carnauba Paste Solution Wax. Regrettably, we found some issues with merchants shipping old shares of the product causing uproar in the car-loving community. But, given the fact the T-5A combines the deep-shine properties of carnauba wax with the superb cleaning capabilities of micro-polishing agents, this should be a wonderful product to use on any car, giving you a more durable and water-repellent finish. As an added bonus the formulation also features a Caribbean crush scent to give you a more professional-grade personal detailing of your car.

Carnauba wax blended with micro-polishing agents

Triple action formulation: clean, protects, and shines

Infused with Caribbean crush aroma

Water-repellent and long lasting finish

  • Brand Turtle Polish
  • Model T-5A
  • Pounds 15.8 oz

Pursuing in the unparalleled achievement of its Carnauba Water Wax formulation, Moms is offering car owners its edition of the cleaner polish. The California Silver Brazilian Carnauba Cleanser Wax is certainly a dual-action formulation that not merely gives your vehicle a long-lasting bright and protective complete, in addition, it deep-cleans your fiberglass and gel layer surfaces. Unfortunately, there were problems about the polish being too dried out that it provides virtually hardened into cement-like putty.

We looked at the root of this concern and found that some retailers actually send aged stocks of the California Platinum. You may want to get your products only from reputable sellers if you want to take full advantage of the cleaning and protecting functionalities of Mothers.

Contains premium-quality carnauba polish

For make use of on gel jackets and fiberglass

Dual actions formulation: cleans and protects

Includes foam pad applicator

  • Brand Moms
  • Model 5500
  • Fat 1 lb

One of the better reasons for having Meguiar’s G7716 Silver Course Carnauba Plus High quality Quick Wax is that you can apply it actually under direct sunlight. Majority of car waxes need to be applied with the car in the tone so the Quick Wax is something that can really come in handy for those instant, quick fixes. Like other Meguiar’s Carnauba products, the Quick Wax comes with a special blend of carnauba wax and particular polymers to provide it its amazing properties.

Most waxes will keep an awful residue; the Quick Polish won’t. Be sure to make use of Meguiar’s microfiber towel and you’d obtain an ideal showroom glow and ultimate protection for your car anytime, all the time.

Mist-on, wipe-off special carnauba blend

For use on clear coats and glossy paints

Can be applied under direct sunlight

  • Brand Meguiar’s
  • Model G7716
  • Fat 12.3 oz

Greatest Carnauba Polish Buying Instruction & FAQ

Finding the right carnauba polish for your vehicle can be challenging specifically for newbie car owners or those who find themselves not really acquainted with such items. You don’t have to fret though since we’re here to help you decide on the right carnauba wax to get for your vehicle.

Best Carnauba Wax For Car Care (Review & Buying Guide)

Benefits of Using Carnauba Car Wax

Another car detailer will recommend using a carnauba wax on cars and other vehicles. There are multiple reasons why this sort of car polish is recommended over other styles of waxes. Below are a few of the even more important great things about using carnauba car polish.

  • Offers a deep, wet-look, glow on your own car
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No artificial car polish can ever replicate the deep, showroom-shine that’s quality of carnauba-waxed vehicles. They are especially known for his or her classic ‘wet-look’ especially when light is definitely reflected off its surface, giving the car that now-sought-after visual appeal. The other good thing about carnauba car wax can be that showroom shine in fact endures up to 4 months. While this pales in comparison to synthetics that can reach up to a year or so of shine, the quality of the sheen afforded by synthetics is simply no match to the deep, rich, and very vivid sheen that carnauba waxes provide.

  • Protects your car’s paint

Natural, unadulterated carnauba wax is exceptionally hard. That is why if you see a carnauba item that is developed as liquid aerosol and they state to become 100% carnauba, you’ll understand better. All the items that we’ve presented consist of polymers or various other polish like beeswax to greatly help soften carnauba; in any other case, it might be extremely tedious to use it onto the top of your car. That being said, studies show that carnauba wax has a very high melting point, about 3 times higher than beeswax at about 190 o F. It is also one of the hardest and densest natural waxes in the world. These properties are what protect your car’s color job specifically against Ultra violet rays. And since you’re maintaining your car’s paint in tiptop shape, you know that you’ll be avoiding costly body repaints.

  • Provides a waterproof layer for your car

One of the most unique characteristics of carnauba wax is that it is technically insoluble in water. This is observed from tropical forest trees that secrete such wax to greatly help protect their leaves from extreme wetness. The same real estate can be used on your car. When it rains drinking water will type beads and move down your car’s body. The top will end up being so slippery that each drinking water molecules won’t have something to ‘keep onto’. After a shower you don’t have to worry about water stains.

  • Prevents surface contaminants from scratching your car’s surface

We mentioned above that carnauba wax is one of the hardest natural waxes on the planet. It’s like putting a very difficult invisible shield over your car. This helps protect it against scratches from dirt, dirt, small stones, tree branches, leaves, as well as bird droppings, amongst others.

Choosing Carnauba Polish and What things to SEARCH FOR

Deciding on the best carnauba polish for your vehicle should be very straightforward. However, as you might have observed in our collection of the very best carnauba car waxes, it certainly isn’t that simple. The fact that carnauba wax can come in various forms makes it even more demanding to determine the best one for your vehicle.

In choosing a carnauba wax you may want to start with age your vehicle. In case your trip is officially still brand-new with significantly less than a couple of hundred mls under its hood or with hardly 2 years on the highway or you can view it still offers, pretty much, its original sparkly finish, you might want to begin with a aerosol wax formulation. They are very easy to apply and produce instant results. Some products can be applied straight onto your car even without cleaning or washing it first. There are also products that can be used in either wet or dry conditions. These are perfect for weekly applications as well as for those crisis or special-occasion circumstances. Unfortunately, remember that carnauba polish in squirt formulations is fairly thinner and, hence afford your vehicle with substantially decreased protection. In other words, you will have to apply more of this product more frequently.

Best Carnauba Wax For Car Care (Review & Buying Guide)

If you’ve got a car that is older than 2 years aged or you’re looking to preserve its sentimental worth, then a classic wax ought to be your very best choice. Carnauba waxes could be a little more tedious to use, but the outcomes will simply end up being incomparable.

Today, if the issue is that your car is already showing indicators of oxidation, you might want to get a cleaner wax. We’d like to caution you with these products as cleaner waxes typically contain abrasive chemicals that can remove baked-on discolorations, dirt, and symptoms of oxidation on your own car. These chemical substances can generate swirl marks or extremely fine scratches and even haze on your vehicle’s finish. That is even more noticeable on dark-colored automobiles, however. The main point is that in selecting carnauba cleaner waxes you will need to consider a product that’s safe to make use of especially on apparent coat surface finishes.

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As well as the age group of your car you may also have to look at just how much plastic body parts it has. Plastic are remarkably trickier to work with. For example, plastic body panels, bumpers, and door trims will typically have visible residues when applied with wax. As such you may have to look for a carnauba wax that works extremely well with plastics. If you fail to find such something then you should avoid applying wax on these plastic parts on your car; unless, you don’t mind cleaning it up after having a plastic cleaner.

Choosing the right carnauba wax can be especially difficult. While we already mentioned aerosol waxes as great options for cars with still-excellent end, there are other types of carnauba waxes as well. For instance, liquid wax is great for cleaning and is well-known for its exceptional gloss and sturdiness. Sadly, applying and buffing this polish can be challenging as they dried out to a haze immediately. Paste waxes, alternatively, are excellent for their ease of program. However, they’re much less effective as liquid waxes.

Benefits and drawbacks of Using Carnauba Car Polish

There is certainly perfectly justification why some people simply don’t want carnauba wax on their cars. While these products are excellent in providing your ride that classic, elegant, wet look there are certain drawbacks that somehow limit its usefulness for some car owners. Here’s a look at the pros and cons of using carnauba car wax.


  • Better wet-look, high-quality gloss, almost show-quality appearance
  • Great melting point, rendering it extra-durable
  • Among the hardest organic waxes in this world
  • Security against Ultra violet rays, humidity, and surface area contaminants
  • Allows car color to ‘inhale and exhale’ normally, prolonging the life of your car paint


  • Gloss and protection are short-lived; requires more frequent application
  • Melting point may be considered low when compared to synthetics
  • Some poor-quality carnauba wax can leave a yellowish chalky residue

Carnauba Car Wax FAQ

What’s the ultimate way to Apply Carnauba Car Polish?

There really is no ‘best way’ to apply carnauba car wax as different manufacturers will have their very own recommended procedures to check out. Ideally nevertheless, you can ready your car beforehand. This implies you’ve surely got to clean it, remove surface area dirt and particles, clean it, and dried out it completely before applying any polish.

Some items are best used using a foam applicator that usually comes with the product. Some may require a microfiber fabric or even a machine. Regardless of how you want to apply the wax onto your car it is imperative to apply a thin layer instead of a solid one. This enables for faster healing which, subsequently, may also facilitate the simpler removal of any polish residue.

If you’re using an applicator it is strongly recommended that you moisten it initial with either drinking water of an instant detailer to include some type of lubrication. Rub the applicator at the top of the polish so you’ll obtain just enough polish onto the applicator. Apply the polish onto the top using small round motions, within the overall body of your vehicle. Once you are feeling the applicator to become dragging, it’s an indicator you’ll want to dip it once again in the polish.

Do You Wax or Polish First?

Ordinary car owners believe that polishers and waxes are one as well as the same. The merchandise they see on the market in addition to the advertisements they read also enhance the confusion. To learn which comes 1st – to polish or even to wax – it’s important to comprehend the difference between your two.

Polishing means eliminating any surface contaminant from your car. It involves preparing the surface to be in its most pristine condition before a protectant can be applied. Technically polishes are waxes, too, except that they don’t provide the protection that car waxes provide. Waxing entails the addition of a glossy and protective layer on your car color. These are the main goals of car waxes.

Considering that you can not polish a thing that is already used using a protectant, it’s understandable that polishing will have to be performed first before any serious waxing can be done.

Carnauba waxes provided a deep sparkle that makes your car look like it’s just been rolled out from the showroom. When used the proper way it can also protect your car’s color job through the elements, dampness, and temperature. Our set of the very best carnauba car waxes should assist you to determine the very best one for you.

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