5 Best Tire Chains

Improving your traction whilst driving on snow or ice requires a set of winter tires and tire chains (often referred to as snow chains). You can attach the chains to either the all the wheels or just the ones that apply the power (front or rear wheel drive).

The best tire chains are the Security Chain Organization SZ143 Super Z6 Set , which fit the majority of passenger vehicles and can be used within limited clearance setups.

Tire chains for snow and ice is something that can be stored easily in the car for when traction is a real issue. They are various designs that suit all vehicles from trucks to cars and selecting the correct type will improve your grip on any driving surface.

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Greatest Snow Stores

Tire stores are not an important device for all motorists as some areas will snow more regularly but taking into consideration the low cost of these, they are a worthwhile expenditure. Until you have already been trapped with limited grip, you won't have the ability to understand the potency of tire stores.

One of many things to consider is definitely how much clearance there is certainly because if the car tire chains collide together with your steering wheel arch, an expensive repair bill proceeding the right path.

Within the last years, tire stores have got improved with higher quickness ratings, durability, simple installation plus much more. Below is normally a list of the best tire chains that may provide maximum grip in snow and snow.

Security Chain Organization SZ143 Super Z6 Wheel Chains

Security Chain is the most popular brand in the snow chains industry and for good reason too. They produce a wide variety of chains to match all passenger automobiles from vehicles, pickups, SUV’s plus much more. They are also appropriate for vehicles with limited steering wheel clearance , which really is a huge advantage of sporty automobiles.

Unlike lots of the cheaper alternatives, they are designed certainly are a silicone cable structure that sit down tighter and need no tightening once installed.

Overall, they are the best wheel chains for cars that are versatile and designed to become high carrying out (rated class “S”) when used with anti-lock brakes, traction control and more. You can use these tire chains on tires that range from 215 to 285 millimeters wide and they only need 6.33 millimeters of sidewall clearance.

Security Chain Company ZT729 Super Z LT

Tire chains for trucks can be difficult to find but the Security Chain Company provide a solution for this. The ZT728 Super Z LT were created for light vehicles and SUV’s and fulfill S.A.E class for clearance requirements.

These pickup truck tire stores utilize a plastic cable building that are stronger than the regular chains or wires and will use all electronically supervised control systems. The look on Super Z LT is comparable to the main one above but even more durable and fitted to vehicles and SUV’s . In addition, it gets the addition of a rubber tensioner that is built-in for easy re-tightening of the chains.

Overall, the ZT728 Super Z LT by the Security Chain Company are the best tire chains for trucks with a more rugged design compared with the car alternatives above.

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Konig K-SUMMIT K23 Snow Chains

If you are willing to spend the extra on the ultimate set of tire chains for snow and ice , then the Konig K-SUMMIT K23 certainly are a arranged you should think about. They work utilizing a ratcheting program that automatically personal adjust and tighten as you drive with an advanced geometric design and self-tension system.

Konig were bought out by Thule in 2004 who produce a wide variety of premium roof cargo boxes and more. This instantly increases these tire stores credibility because they include the reliable 5 year guarantee, which is certainly trade mark of most Thule items.

One of the standout features of these wheel chains is the truth that their is definitely no clearance behind the wheel and it does not touch the alloy wheel whatsoever. Overall, they are the greatest wheel stores but the high price will defer nearly all drivers . Nevertheless, if you get on snow and glaciers frequently, they are a worthwhile expenditure you can use on nearly all vehicles.

Peerless Auto-Trac Car tire Traction String

Another group of wheel chains by Security Chain are the Peerless Auto-Trac that meet the class “S” clearance requirements. They use a self tightening ratcheting system and are easy to install and will remove completely in moments.

Unlike lots of the alternatives, the Auto-Trac runs on the diamond pattern, that are recognized to grasp better in the snow . Nevertheless, the downfall is normally that you will be limited to simply 30 MPH using these snow stores if the snow can be that weighty, you wouldn’t desire to surpass that speed anyhow.

General, they will be the greatest snow stores for weighty snow with a variety of different sizes to select from. However, if you're planning on traveling on icy or muddy areas, the above mentioned example would be the better purchase.

Sanku Snow Tire Chains

If you are on a budget and only want a set of tire chains for emergencies, then the Sanku set may be exactly what you need. They are universal and fit tire widths from 165mm to 265mm for all cars, trucks and SUV’s.

They are only rated to 25 MPH but this may be all that is required to gain traction whilst travelling small distances. If you are travelling frequently on snow and ice, we highly recommend choosing a higher quality set of snow chains as shown above.

Overall, if you are looking for a set of cheap tire stores , they are ideal and may be easily kept within your trunk. Obviously, because they are therefore inexpensive, you can’t anticipate them to execute aswell as others in relation to grip, durability and set up.

Tire Stores Buying Information

On most Alpine roads, the usage of snow stores is mandatory given that they assist in your vehicle’s grasp on a street covered with glaciers and snow. In the united kingdom, this trend is certainly slowly attaining momentum both during summertime when transferring over lawn and wintertime when transferring on roads protected with snow. THE UNITED STATES however is where in fact the use of car tire chains is highly popular.

Before purchasing snow chains, you must first read your vehicle’s instruction manual and find out whether or not it is compatible with fitting snow chains around its tires. Therefore, before putting on the chains, go through the snow chain database and choose the model of your car, your vehicle’s engine size and the car’s tire size.

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The reason behind this is some car models do not allow fitting of snow chains since they may be too close to brake pipes and also electronic detecting gear which cannot handle steel in areas where there’s just rubber.

Security Chain

Thus, in case your vehicle’s handbook expresses the against installing traditional snow stores, you should choose the “ladder monitor” stores which easily fit into all cars this is a matter of discovering the right size for your automobile.Snow chains generally can be found in pairs and so are installed in the traveling wheels, with some individuals preferring to match them also on non-driving wheels which is fine since it improves the vehicle’s balance.

Systems like grip control and anti-skid should always be turned off once you’ve fitted snow chains, with your car handbook guiding you on how to turn this system off.

Vehicle Wheel Size

Despite most cars being compatible with installing snow chains, the length between tires plus some of the inner parts varies in one car to some other. Therefore, before setting up the snow stores, make use of your vehicle’s owner’s manual to find out if they could be installed, and if therefore the measurements from the three edges your car’s auto tires. These measurements are the wheel height percentage, the tire’s width and finally the diameter of the tires usually indicated in ins.

High quality Snow Chains

This snow chains in comparison with other traction products offer an improved braking overall performance and better hold, both on snow and snow. The components used in making this snow chains are of high quality thus even with daily use, they can last effectively for two seasons.

Additionally, installing premium chains is normally far much basic compared to various other chains thus the quantity of time you may spend subjected to the severe elements is significantly minimised. Despite getting the priciest of all various other chains, for all those motorists who worth quality, these stores are the greatest as they offer an ultra-dependable grip control during wintertime.

Security Chain


Regular Snow Stores

This snow stores fall right in the centre regarding durability, functionality and price, producing them a fantastic choice for drivers who encounter regular snowfall. Furthermore, they are doing provide an superb grip control, plus being able to endure frequent make use of all season lengthy. Compared to entry-level stores, these stores are easier to set up and include installation add-ons.

Entry-Level Snow Stores

Areas that encounter infrequent snowing, entry-level snow stores are the smartest choice to select. These chains enhance the vehicle’s grip control on both snow and snow, nevertheless, these chains are only ideal for use periodically and in cases of emergencies. Finally, if you live in an area where encountering icy or snowy road is an often occurrence, premium or standard snow chains are a better choice, unlike entry-level snow chains.

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Chain Size Needed

Lastly, after deciding on the snow chain model and the size of your car’s tire, choosing the size of a snow chain is the next step. There are numerous fitment guides that you can use to decide on snow string size that greatest fits your preferences. Once you determine in the snow stores you will need, cross-reference it towards the car tire size you desire, and after purchasing it, check fit to make sure it they can fit properly. Moreover, this enables you to get accustomed to the installation and removal of the snow chains while in a safe environment.

Time to Use Chains

Whenever there is too much snow or ice on the road, the use of snow chains becomes necessary to avoid the car skidding due to reduced traction force control with the car’s tires. Whereas main streets are cleared from the snow, with them isn't ideal, but upon achieving roads not really cleared of snow, you will need to stop and hook them up to your tires. While setting up the stores on the wheels, putting on a reflective jacket is crucial actually after choosing a safe place to mount the snow wheel chains.Nonetheless, to be able to match this chains, one needs to possess practised within a secure and dried out place, ideally in the home, so as never to panic while gaining the stores in the frosty, harsh weather conditions.Finally, having two pairs of snow wheel chains is preferable to one couple of snow wheel chains. Nevertheless, four-wheel drive automobiles need the chains on all its wheels.


Traveling with Chains within the Wheels

The handbooks come with precise instructions on how to operate with chains making it less difficult for you when you find yourself needing to use them, the vital recommendations becoming:


  • Always have the anti-skid or grip control switched off.
  • You should frequently drive at rates of speed of significantly less than 30mph. Furthermore, slowing around bends is crucial, and in addition fast acceleration and braking are extremely discouraged.
  • Drive gradually since rotating the wheels may lead to harm to the vehicle’s suspension system or steering as it pertains into connection with a tree stump or rock and roll.
  • If the string is damaged or dented, instantly stop and consider them off.
  • Check for exhausted connectors when eliminating the chains through the car’s wheels.
  • Before storing the chains, always clean and dry them since this will increase the snow chain’s lifespan.



Traction is a really issue when travelling on snow or ice but introducing tire chains can solve all your issues. Simply storing them in the trunk will make sure you are outfitted for all traveling conditions. Even though using the wintertime tires, you are able to still end up captured out by huge amounts of snow or glaciers. Installing tire stores could make the difference to be stranded or generating wherever you desire.

There are various types of car tire chains however, not everyone should spend huge amounts on the very best car tire chains. However, if you're travelling in poor conditions frequently or thinking about likely to a snow or glaciers location, we recommend the premium illustrations.

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