10 Best Tires For The Honda Odyssey

The Honda Odyssey is usually a minivan manufactured by Japanese Automobile Industry Honda. The vehicle has recently seen a major facelift following the release of its fifth generation this year.

But for anyone who knows a thing or two about cars, it’s that regardless of what vehicle you use, the wheels are bound to give way. Which is why you need to consider alternative tires at some point in your life.

For the Honda Odyssey, we saw that only a few wheels fit the requirements. Below is definitely a list of the top 10 best wheels for the Honda Odyssey. You’ll also find the buying guidebook to help you choose your personal tire.

10 Best Tires For The Honda Odyssey

Top 10 10 Best Wheels For The Honda Odyssey 2019 Testimonials

1 Continental TrueContact All-Season Radial Car tire

Continental Accurate Contact are excellent tires you can use with Honda Odyssey. I acquired them installed in my own Honda Odyssey 24 months ago. However, they are perhaps the greatest tires I’ve possessed for my Honda Odyssey up till today.

They function excellently on dry, wet, snow, snow-covered surfaces. They are really smooth and comfortable with the least possible vibration for long distant drives. Its building type is definitely radial with rim size 16. Also, it has a tear wear indication with speed rating T.

These tires at such a reasonable price are awesome. These tires are perfect for people who aren’t getting extra spare tires for the winter. These are relatively better at their grip on ice and snow and thus much safer than normal tires.

The Continental wheels come with a 12-month warranty. If you encounter anything in the wrong that is intact with standard driving policy, you can get a replacement of new tires.

But wait, there’s a catch, this warranty only applies if you’ve made your purchase through the company’s authorized sellers.

10 Best Tires For The Honda Odyssey

  • Great on icy, snowy, dry and even wet surfaces.
  • Great control
  • Easy and comfy travel with little if any vibrations.
  • a year warranty
  • Extra features include rip wear sign
  • They aren’t steel belted which can lead to just a little less road threat resistance.

2 Hankook Dynapro Horsepower2 All-Season Radial Car tire

Hankook Dynapro Horsepower2 All period tires were created for motorists who drive automobiles such as a crossover. However they are greatest for Honda Odyssey.

These auto tires are created for long length rides. These are economical as they reduce fuel consumption and give better gas mileage.

These all-season tires work in providing a easy and safe ride in all weather conditions such as snow, ice, dry. However, they are claimed to be great in case not wet weathers and rainfall seasons but that’s false.

These auto tires are ideal for all climate except wet weather conditions. They are vulnerable on wet areas and you can lose control. Hence it can end up being dangerous to operate a vehicle on these through the rainy period. Even so, in case you reside in a dried out climate area you’ll be good to go.

Although these are relatively higher in price they are very long lasting with a radical construction type. Furthermore, it is a run smooth and its rim size is usually 18 in . which is bigger than most others on the market.

These auto tires have a quickness ranking of V and their section width is normally 235 millimeters.

10 Best Tires For The Honda Odyssey

  • All-season auto tires perfect for glaciers, snow, dried out etc.
  • Stronger flex cables for better automobile managing (steering).
  • A wider second metal belt layer is normally added to give better handling and driving encounter.
  • These wheels can prove to be dangerous for traveling in wet conditions.
  • These wheels are relatively expensive.

3 Falken Ziex ZE950 All-Season Radial Wheel

Falken Ziex wheels incorporate all the newest technology and is perhaps the best all periods tires available. They are excellent in every weathers including dried out, snow, glaciers, and steep streets.

They warranty a great even and vibration free of charge journey. It includes a great trip comfort and a larger thread existence. These tires possess excellent mud performance and snow handling skills are equally satisfactory.

The tire’s design includes wide thread slots that lets snow to accumulate and pressed among and thus leading to better snow griping.

These wheels are excellent for sports vehicles and crossover automobiles as well. They can fit and match Honda Odyssey flawlessly with regards to great mileage for lengthy journeys and a soft and comfy trip.

Their building type can be radical as well as the rim size of the tires can be 17 inches. The excess features for included in these are tear wear indicator and the tires weigh around 31.5 lbs. with V speed rating.

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10 Best Tires For The Honda Odyssey

  • These tires have a great all season’s high performance.
  • The tire’s design includes wide thread slots resulting in better snow griping.
  • Relatively are available at a reasonable price.
  • The tires are relatively better on the snowy surface compared to the dry or wet surface.

4 Cooper Tires Discoverer SRX All-Season Radial Tire

Cooper tires discoverer come with a forty-five-day road test and 65000 miles thread wear protection. These tires would suit Honda Odyssey better quality and advanced handling and steering gear.

The Cooper SRX tires are perfect for Honda Odyssey minivan and its long-distance travel whether it’s for a family vacation or for a few office related job.

These auto tires make the automobile smoother and simpler to get and control, dangers are definitely decreased as these auto tires are season’s radial auto tires.

This implies they are able to tolerate all sorts of climate and road circumstances whether it’s snow, dry, glaciers or wet, you may expect a secure and simple drive. These auto tires are of size 235/60R18 107V and their swiftness rating is certainly V weighing 29.4 lbs.

10 Best Tires For The Honda Odyssey

  • Great mileage
  • Long simple drives
  • All periods tolerable tires
  • The sizes may be a concern
  • Relatively more costly than various other brands

5 Goodyear Guarantee Comfortred Touring Radial

Goodyear guarantee comforted touring radial is most effective and created for family members and their minivans such as Honda Odyssey minivan itself. These wheels guarantee a clean ride whether its long-distance travel or world trips on family vacations.

Whether it’s the beach side with sand, mountainous areas with snow and snow and even if it’s just a rainy town tour with damp roads, these wheels are 100 % supportive of all weather conditions and provide a safe and enjoyable travel wherever you go.

Goodyear wheels are also exceptional when it comes to looks. They were created not simply to work well but look remarkable too.

To lessen to vibration on rocky streets these tires are designed using a 20 % level of extra pillow. These tires have got a speed price V and also have a fat of 29.5 lbs. and its own rim size is definitely 18 ins.

10 Best Tires For The Honda Odyssey

  • Tires for those seasons and weather conditions.
  • Extra comfort and ease guarantee
  • Perfect for long and clean journeys
  • Made for minivans and crossovers
  • These are relatively very expensive

6 Kumho Solus TA11 All-Season Radial Wheel

The Kumho Solus is a great product line which combines both resistance and opportunity to create the best car tire for your Honda Odyssey.

The car tire itself is constructed of solid and hard vulcanized silicone, and the full total car tire width is normally 235 mm. The factor ratio is normally 65%, with a standard radius of 17 in .. This is actually the ideal match for just about any Honda Odyssey wheel and should be enough to keep the vehicle grounded.

This model has a weight index of 104, which is great for both passenger and cargo vehicles, although it’s best suited for larger passenger cars. The rate index is T, a midpoint between slow and performance.

The tread pattern is also suited for passenger cars, although it might not be able to provide enough friction, which can be seen as a downside.

But overall, we like the neat experience and performance from the Kumho Solus.

10 Best Tires For The Honda Odyssey

  • Solid and resilient plastic compound.
  • An ideal aspect percentage for the Honda Odyssey.
  • The acceleration rating is most effective for both fast traveler and performance vehicles.
  • Each wheel can take up to 900 Kg, which is optimal for a minivan.
  • Tread compound isn’t very durable and deteriorates easily.

7 Westlake SU318 Touring Radial Tire

Westlake is a lesser known but an ultimate great brand which makes all types of tires. The SU318 is more optimized for touring and journeying, it could be useful for day-to-day make use of aswell.

We like a diverse wheel, as well as the Westlake doesn’t neglect to offer that.

The wheel has a very easy tread pattern, rendering it easier to gain relatively high speeds. Since it’s meant for traveling, the tire does not fear to make it through the highway.

The velocity index is usually albeit a bit high for regular passenger cars, but it shouldn’t be an issue. The width is certainly 235 mm as well as the aspect ratio is certainly 65%.

The radius is rather well for just about any Odyssey model, presumably the newer types, at only 17 in .. The dumbbells index is certainly 104 (900 Kg). We discover this one to become the very best for the Odyssey, in the event you intend to bring more close friends along.

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Overall, the tire produces a very vibrant touring vibe. It is possible to see that it had been meant for the job.

10 Best Tires For The Honda Odyssey

  • Simple tread pattern to enhance velocity but also maintain some handability.
  • 17-inch radius and other aspects fit snugly in the Honda Odyssey.
  • Best for touring and touring.
  • Can hold up to 900 Kg per tire (3600 Kg for the whole vehicle).
  • Not suitable for the snow and colder season.

8 General AltiMAX RT43 Radial Tire

This product on our list was quite hard to choose. In the end, we concluded by selecting the overall Altimax RT43. Just what exactly pieces the Altimax in addition to the remaining pool? If nothing at all, then your tread pattern ought to be more than enough to convince you.

The design looks exactly like any passenger-performance vehicles looks. It includes a hundred different sipes privately to uplift the friction. Nevertheless, it includes a very clean and shallow rib design to keep items relatively fast.

This makes it perfect for both uses on the highway and on the road. The tire has a width of 225 mm and an aspect percentage of 60%. This is a bit different than the additional two products on our list. However, it’s sufficient plenty of to fit the Odyssey.

Apart from that, the rate rating is as constantly T. Nevertheless, the dumbbells index is somewhat less (just as much as 750 Kg per car tire).

10 Best Tires For The Honda Odyssey

  • Tread design optimizes your Odyssey for both highway and regular day-to-day make use of.
  • The quickness ranking of T is ideal for any minibus which really wants to gain quickness or really wants to decelerate for basic safety.
  • Radius and fat index may not be satisfactory.

9 Doral SDL-A All-Season Radial Tire

The Doral SDL-A is a radial tire and is best suited for the Honda Odyssey. We positioned it at #9 9 because, we experienced that there is still space for improvement and modification. But all together, we discover the SDL-A an ideal choice for all those with limited funds.

This is actually the first wheel on our list to provide a decent guarantee plan. It includes a 45,000-mile tread guarantee, which really is a great choice in such a low price. We find that a good warranty places forth costumer safety and purchase security.

As for the tire, the width is 235 mm and the aspect ratio is 65%. These dimensions are a bit narrower than the other tires on this list. The speed rating can be T and pounds index can be 103, best for traveler and cargo vans.

A very important thing about the SDL-A can be that it’s an all-season wheel, so it functions even in the wintertime.

10 Best Tires For The Honda Odyssey

  • 45,000-mile tread guarantee.
  • Functions great in the snow and in lower temps.
  • Can carry enough fat for multiple passengers.
  • A good choice for cargo vans as well.
  • 16-inch radius is best for the Odyssey.
  • The tread pattern degrades rapidly. There is little to no sturdiness.

10 Yokohama AVID Touring-S Tire

Just like Kumho, Yokohama also stands out from the other 9 products mainly due to its fame and fortune. But that doesn’t mean that that’s the only thing Yokohama’s proficient at.

To getting with, the Avid Touring Car tire includes a tread guarantee of 65,000 mls. An incredible step in the 45,000 mls that others provide.

For the proportions, the tire includes a width of 235 mm, an element ratio of 65% and a radius of 16 inches. The radius is usually slightly lower than 17 inches, but this leaves enough space for hydraulics and shock absorption.

The velocity rating is usually T, which is the most common for touring and touring cars and automobiles. The Odyssey itself is normally a minivan, therefore normally, it must bring multiple people or cargo. Which explains why Yokohama claims a dumbbells index of 103, which is normally all we have to keep things light-weight and portable.

For the tread design, it’s not so not the same as the various other brands. It appears to become halfway between extremely slow and intensely fast, so that it offers your back for the highways and on highways.

10 Best Tires For The Honda Odyssey

  • 65,000-mile tread guarantee is a lot more than others present.
  • The acceleration rating of T is best for traveling as well as riding on a daily basis.
  • Can carry a lot of weights, though this isn’t too different from other brands.
  • Tread pattern provides too much friction, so the speed is somewhat reduced than the ranking.
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Choosing the very best Honda Odyssey Wheel

Choosing a wheel itself is an extremely tedious task, aside from select one for a particular model. To comprehend which tire greatest fits the Odyssey, you will need to know the sizing required and speed and weight indexes. Another few things are to be noted about tires generally.

10 Best Tires For The Honda Odyssey

Tire Size (Width, Aspect Ratio, and Radius)

The tire size is normally measured with regards to width (mm), element percentage (percent) and radius (ins). Let’s start with explanations. The width may be the distance in one “make” towards the various other, and is normally measured in mm.

The aspect ratio is the ratio of the length of the sidewall to the width of the tire, usually expressed as a percentage. The radius is the length from the hypothetical center to the very edge of the sidewall, measured in in ..

For the Honda Odyssey, a width of 225-245 mm is certainly superior, although we choose 235 mm better. The factor ratio ought to be between 60 and 70 percent, with 60 and 65 getting the most frequent. The radius varies between 17 and 16 in ., even though some might rise to 18. Choose whichever one matches your tastes greatest.

DUMBBELLS Index and Rate Rating

The dumbbells index is usually a number which denotes the amount of weight the tire can hold without breaking or depressing. This number is usually a code and doesn’t symbolize the actual excess weight.

For example, a excess weight index of 104 means the tire can hold 900 Kg, not 104 Kg. For the Odyssey, we’ve seen 104 to be the most frequent. A higher amount is normally better as the Odyssey was designed to carry multiple people.

The swiftness index is measured from Q to Y, with Q becoming minimal and Y getting the best. For the Honda Odyssey, we recommend fat indexes above 90 and a quickness ranking of T or about that. For traveler and tourist vehicles, the speed ranking of T is most beneficial, but also for performance-optimized Odysseys, V as well as H may function.

Tread Design

The tread pattern is definitely of two types: passenger optimized and overall performance optimized. Passenger treads usually feature a lot of sipes and hard heavy shoulders along with deep ridges to keep the car grounded and maintain handablity and rate.

Overall performance or racing treads have reduced sipes and mainly just feature the primary four to five ridges. They are very much smoother and shallower and so are made to decrease friction and boost speed.

The Odyssey isn’t produced for race by default, nonetheless it was designed for the highway. Therefore a tread design which is normally midway between traveler and functionality should suffice.

Tread Substance

Tread compound is a elegant way of phoning whatever material the tire is made of. Yes, wheels are made of vulcanized plastic, but newer models feature extra reinforcements. Normally, silica or carbon dietary fiber is used to enhance the strength (the latter of which is more expensive). Most wheels you’ll find and the ones inside our list make use of silica, as it’s cheaper and long lasting.

If you’d like more power, consider the one that uses either carbon dietary fiber or carbon dark. Both are eventually strong and long lasting. Spraying with antioxidants and antiozonants also will keep the sidewalls and make safe.


The Honda Odyssey can be a promiscuous and spectacular model which has shaken the world with its powerful engine and hydraulics. Over the course of 23 years, the five generations have captivated the public in history’s most torrential business Kickstarter. And an amazing vehicle requires even more amazing tires.

For us, our top 10 10 list did the trick, but if you feel like anything is missing, then, by all means, use our buying guide and choose your own preferred wheel brand. Anything which fits your needs can be yours to maintain. If you wish to go with this Editor’s choice after that purchase Continental Accurate Contact and revel in your trip. These wheels work perfectly whether it is wet, dried out or a snow-covered surface area. You’ll enjoy a easy and comfortable drive with the least possible vibration.

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